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How to use our $100 Economy "Create-A-Cover" feature

Step 1

Choose a general cover design

Here are a few screen shots to help explain how our "Create-a-Cover" works. When placing your order (or just getting a quote), if you select our "Create-a-Cover" option, you'll see a slider like the one below, showing 5 cover designs. You be able to scroll to the right to see many more designs. Simply click the one that you like, and go to Step 2. If the cover sample you select has a photo, you should provide us with YOUR photo to put on your cover.

Step 2

Choose your primary and secondary colors

A thumbnail of the design that you chose in Step 1 will appear on the left, with a 'color picker' on the right. Choose two colors from our color picker. Slide the rainbow slider up or down to get to the approximate color, then choose a color from within the large gradient. Do the same for your 2nd color. We'll use our judgment in designing your cover with that color combination. But don't stress about your color choices. After you see your PDF Proof, you can make one set of changes for free.

Step 3

Upload your photos and/or type

After your order is placed, you'll be able to upload the wording you'd like, and any photos or clipart that you want included on your cover. We'll put it all together for you, and send you a PDF proof to look at. Minor corrections to the proof are free, and you'll get a great-looking, inexpensive book cover.

Need more than a basic cover design?

If you have more complex requirements, Our 'Custom' Cover Design is a little more elaborate. One of our Graphic Designers will give you a call to discuss your book cover. We'll get your input, then create a couple of rough drafts of covers. Simply let us know what you like or dislike about each of the rough drafts. We'll make whatever changes you need, and come up with a Cover Design that's you'll be happy with.

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