Book Publishing - Create-A-Cover

How to use our $100 Economy "Create-A-Cover" feature


1 - choose a GENERAL cover design ...

Here is a small sampling of some of our books. Select a book that you'd like us to model your cover after. We'll use that for the GENERAL format ... your cover will look similar, but not necessarily the same. If the cover sample you select has a photo, you should provide us with YOUR photo to put on your cover.


2 - choose a background COLOR ...

We have several to choose from. 


3 - choose a background TEXTURE ...

The right texture gives your cover a rich look and adds depth.

These textures appear as black-and-white here, but they'll be in the background color you choose.
For example, if you chose "4 - Dark Blue" and "3 -Denim", your background would look like this:

Here is an example of brown leather cover, along with swatches of the other leather colors.


4 - Include your choices on your order ...

When placing your order, select the "Create-a-Cover" option, and the above choices will appear. Simply click on your favorite choices, and they'll be included on your order form.
After your order is placed, you'll be able to upload the wording you'd like, and any photos or clipart that you want included on your cover. We'll put together a cover for you, and send you a PDF proof to look at. Minor corrections to the proof are free, and you'll get a great-looking, inexpensive book cover.

Need more than a basic cover design?

If you have more complex requirements, we recommend that you contact a local graphic designer, since you'll probably want to meet with them to discuss your requirements.