Hot Off the Presses

Here are just a few of the many books that we've printed over the last few days and weeks! We make it easy for our authors to "Spread the Word" about their books, but we also make it easy for other visitors to our site to share as well. In this "Hot Off the Presses" section, we encourage visitors to scroll through the thumbnails below, click on any of them to see details about the book. If they see one that strikes their interest, we make it easy for them to "Share" it on Facebook, Twitter, or various other social media outlets. If they share your book, you'll benefit from Word-of-Mouth advertising that you won't get anywhere else … and it's all free!

Please note: This is a new feature was just started on October 17. It represents less than 15% of the books that we've printed since then, but we're adding more each day.

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