RELEASE DATE: April 18, 2018

No Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

By Rue Mayweather
RUE MAYWEATHER resides in Dallas, Texas.

Rue is first and foremost a Christian, Mother, and MiMi.

Rue can still say after 30+years that every parent should have a child like her Son.

Rue graduated from Dallas Baptist University and holds a postgraduate degree in Management in Engineering and Technology from Amberton University.

Rue is a graduate of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (Red Team) University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS).

Rue is a military veteran, Rue served thirty years in the United States Army and is a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA). Rue retired with the rank of Command Sergeant Major (CSM).
No life is without trials, tribulations, or struggles. How we perceive each of these enables how we will respond. No Gold at the End of the Rainbow is a story of true love, God’s love, family, murder, domestic violence, mental illness, and an introduction to cocaine, homosexuality, and those who chose not to look for the gold at the end of the rainbow.
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