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The Team at 48 Hour Books

At 48 Hour Books, we print books unbelievably fast. But that’s just part of who we are. We love helping self-publishers through the process of printing a book. Helping you achieve your dream of becoming a published author is why we do what we do. Our team is known for excellent customer service and quick responses. Call, email or live chat with us. When you’re ready to self-publish, we print bookstore quality books on our high-speed digital presses. We offer custom cover design and specialty cover treatments along with book templates and formatting assistance.

Jim F.

Jim Fulton

Founder & CEO

Jim has worked in printing for over 40 years, starting an offset printing company in 1984 and gradually transitioning that company into the 48 Hour Books we know and love today. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Jim enjoys spending time with his growing family (his wife of 38 years, three children, and five adorable grandchildren).

Lisa F.

Lisa Fulton


Lisa is passionate about all things books. She's been with 48 Hour Books for 15 years and earned a BFA in writing, literature, and publishing at Emerson College in Boston. When she's not caressing book covers at the local bookstore, you can find her at home binge-watching Gilmore Girls or laughing nonstop with her husband and their two incredible daughters.

Kirby T.


Production Manager

Kirby has been working with Jim Fulton (Founder and CEO of 48 Hour Books) for 27 Years and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of printing and finish production. He has been working in the printing industry for over 35 years. Kirby was an integral part of launching our Las Vegas location, which now serves the West Coast. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and camping with his wife.

Andrew G.


Customer Service Manager

Andrew is our Customer Service Department Manager and has been with 48 Hour Books for 7 years. His goal is to assist his team in providing top notch service to each and every person they come into contact with. When he isn’t working, he enjoys hiking Ohio’s many beautiful parks and trails, listening to and playing music, as well as spending time at home with his wife and two dogs.

Marcy G.


Marketing & Social Media Manager

Marcy works in our Marketing department and has been with 48 Hour Books for 9 years. She’s a proud Ohio State alum and when she’s not managing our social media, you can find her exploring Northeast Ohio’s metro parks or playing competitive volleyball.

Michelle F.


PrePress Manager

Michelle works in our Prepress Department and has been with the company 11 years. She loves any kind of body of water and singing. When she’s not working you can probably find her somewhere hiking. She is also the proud mother of two awesome girls!

Malia S.


Customer Service

Malia joined 48 Hour Books in 2016 once she decided to leave health care, as she has a Medical Assisting Degree. When she is not at work helping our customers, you might find her living the “Soccer Mom” life cheering her son on, while her teenage daughter hides from mom’s excitement. She bubbly, outgoing and often high energy, which works out well for her love of shooting darts. This allows her to meet new people when playing in a league, in a tournament or with friends throughout the week.

Mike D.


Customer Service

Michael has worked in our Customer Service department since 2020. He earned his BA in English and MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Akron. When not quietly reading or writing, Michael loves playing the drums loudly for all his neighbors to hear.

Nelly P.


Customer Service

Nelly has been with 48 Hour books for 7 years. She’s worked in Customer Service for over 20 years & loves helping people. When she isn’t working, she joins in on some local fitness classes either at the YMCA or at FitCamp (DrumFit & Pound are her fave), anything to keep the body moving!! Outside of this she can be found at home spending time with her two amazing children and making treasured memories.

Beth F.


Customer Service

Beth has been with 48 Hour Books for 6 years. She loves working with our customers and helping them get their books made. When she is not working she enjoys gardening, woodworking, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Angela S.


Customer Service

Angela has recently joined the 48 Hour Books team but has been working in customer service for over 18 years. Outside of work, she is not only a singer who loves performing, but is also an artist/entrepreneur (paint, making jewelry, resin art, and woodworking). She has two pet bunnies, enjoys nature & hiking, and is a self-proclaimed "weekend warrior" - she loves road trips!

Kyle F.


eBook Specialist & Videographer

Kyle is your one-way ticket to getting an eBook version of your book! He majored in film and photography at Emerson College and utilizes both as a member of 48 Hour Book’s marketing team. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking for his wife, podcasting with friends, and chasing around his two little girls as the dreaded Tickle Monster.

Patty D.


Head PrePress Technician

Patty has been with 48 Hour Books for 14 years. She has worked many years in the offset printing environment and has transitioned to the digital environment when coming to work at 48 Hour Books. In her spare time, she takes several group classes at the local YMCA and enjoys going to art shows. She loves animals, especially her little dog and tries to spend as much time as possible with her three amazing children.

April D.


PrePress Technician

April has been with 48 Hour Books for 10 years. She’s a proud Kent State alum. She loves spending time with her family and her two teens keep her active. She has two cats and a bunny.

Icy Depths screenprint by Raven B.


PrePress Technician

Raven is a bit shy and prefers her image not appear on the website, but here is one of her original screenprints. Raven is a trained printmaker & painter; she has been bringing these skills and aesthetics to our Prepress Department for the past few years. Outside of work, she enjoys trimming trees, tending her vegetable garden and making art.

Nathan B.


PrePress Technician

Nathan started at 48 Hour Books in 2014, working in production, becoming a prepress technician while finishing a BFA in graphic design in 2018. He enjoys design, illustration, receiving well-made print files, baseball, video games, and binge-watching shows with his wife—among other things, but no one wants to read an even longer list of activities.

Brent B.


PrePress Technician

Brent has a bachelors degree from Kent State University in visual communication and design with a minor in photo illustration. He is passionate about letterpress, screen printing and using his skills to create cover art for our customers book covers. Away from work, Brent loves to spend time with his family and 3 cats. He also enjoys staying physically fit by working out and doing Crossfit 5 days a week.

Alysia W.


PrePress Technician

Outside of work, Alysia loves being outdoors and spending time with her husband, their hairless dog, and their pug. She also enjoys reading or playing video games in her spare time. Alysia hopes to someday continue her passion for graphic design and earn her Bachelor's degree.

Mark D.


PrePress & Quality Control

Away from 48 Hour Books, Mark loves spending time with his wife, Dawn and their 10 year old daughter, Daphne. He is passionate about music and is also a hard rock and alternative drummer in two different bands playing in the area.

Melissa B.


PrePress & Quality Control

Melissa has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State University. She incorporates her love of reading into her quality control and reformatting here at 48 Hour Books. She loves music, movies and all things comedy. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, playing with her cats, baking delicious treats and working off those treats at CrossFit.