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Book Genres & Styles

Understand the difference between different book genres and pick the right style for your printed book.

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Book genres are types or categories of books. Knowing how to categorize your book will help you choose the right style when you print your book. It will also help you market your book the right way to the right audience.

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Types of Book Genres

Common book genres include romance, mystery, sci-fi, literary fiction, non-fiction, action/adventure, thriller, young adult, and children’s books. In fact, book stores often arrange their shelves of books by book genre to make it easier for people to find the types of books they’re interested in.

Learning more about specific book genres will help you make smart decisions when printing your book. For example, knowing when to choose between a hardcover book or a paperback, what colors and styles to use for your cover design, and even roughly how many pages your book should be.

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Many self-published books and personalized books that we help authors produce fall into the following book genres:

Business Books

Business Books

Religious Books

Religious Books

Self-help Books

Self-help Books



Family History Books

Family History Books


Business books

Business books position you as an authority in your field. 48 Hour Books can help you with writing and publishing a business book that will set your business apart.

Learn more about business books

Religious books

Whether exploring religion from an academic angle or sharing your personal path of faith, religious and spiritual books offer an opportunity to connect with readers on a deeper level. We can help you with structure and formatting tips for writing a religious book.

Learn more about religious books

Self-help books

You have the power to help others through life’s challenges by writing a self-help book. We can also help you self-publish an activity book or workbook with our special printing options.

Learn more about self-help books


For your readers’ recipes to come out correctly, it’s very important to format your cookbook in a standard, easy-to-read way. Learn more about organizing and setting up your cookbook.

Learn more about cookbooks
family history

Family history books

Whether written as a family keepsake or created as a marketable offering, books in this genre often incorporate family photos and other unique features. At 48 Hour Books, we help you with the many printing considerations of self-publishing a family history book.

Learn more about family history books

How to choose your genre and style when printing your book

To maximize your book sales, ask yourself a few questions about your book. These questions will help you determine the genre of your book. Once you decide on a genre, you can use that information to decide what style your book will take, what printing options will be suitable, and where and how to market your book.

Is your book fiction or nonfiction?

In other words, does it tell a story you created, or is it factual information?

What is the goal of your book?

If your goal is to promote your business, your brand, or your reputation, it’s likely a business book. If the goal is to share recipes and techniques for food, it’s a cookbook. If it’s to tell a family story, it’s a family history. If it’s to help others improve their lives, it’s a self-help book. And if it’s to share a message about God, it’s a religious or spiritual book.

Who is your book intended for?

The style of your book should take into account the message of your book and its intended audience. Customizing your book to your intended audience will not only help you get your message across, but it will help potential readers identify your book as something they’re looking for. You can go further with the cover design and formatting of your book to give your book a look and feel that will resonate with your intended audience.

Find your perfect fit within our selection

No matter what style of book you’re creating, 48 Hour Books can help. Our printing capabilities allow you to create the perfect printed book with a professional finish. From our assortment of binding styles to our variety of cover options, you’ll find the right combination for your chosen genre. We even provide custom hardcover book printing. Plus, we offer high-end touches like Diamond 3D Foil that make your book look like one of the best-sellers.

Check out our free book templates, which automate some of the set-up and formatting tasks you may need to start the process of creating your book. And there’s always our custom book formatting service, which can provide you with a formatted book for an added price.

See what real customers are saying about 48 Hour Books!

"Customer service and the quality of the books has honestly been 10/10. As a self-publishing author, 48 Hour Books and those I worked with take so much of the stress out of printing. I love that I can call and talk to a human about my order, and everyone was so helpful. Thank you, 48 Hour books for being so great!"

- Jenna, New Jersey

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Why choose 48 Hour Books?

No matter which genre of book you select, you can count on 48 Hour Books to help you create a professional-looking, bookstore-quality book&em;fast.

From custom cover design to free downloadable book templates, we have the resources you need to create a high-quality book.

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