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Foil Stamping for Book Covers

You’re walking through a store and notice something flickering out of the corner of your eye. A magical, metallic wave of light flutters across a book on the shelf. You pause to stare at its elegance. It looks prestigious with a rich, shiny title practically shouting at you to pick it up and discover the treasures inside. This is the alluring power of a foil stamped book cover.

Start Designing My Foil Stamped Cover
gold foil stamped book cover

Nothing grabs attention quite like the metallic shimmer of a foil stamped book cover. Foil stamping makes your book look distinguished and professional.

Recent research completed by Perception Research Services, Inc. shows that consumers perceive a foil stamped product to be more valuable and of a higher quality than the same product without foil stamping.

By emphasizing the text or images on your cover, this luxurious metallic texture conveys leadership and authority.

gold foil stamped book cover

Foil Stamping Options and Colors

At 48 Hour Books, we use a hot foil pressing process to bond metallic foil to your cover.
Our hot foil stamping is available for hardcover books made of cloth or leather.
Although gold foil is consistently one of our most popular custom book printing options, there are many options to choose from.

Imagine the cover of your book glistening in these different foil stamped options:
Silver Foil


Gold Foil


Red Foil

Red Metallic

Blue Foil

Blue Metallic

White Foil

White Gloss

Black Foil

Black Gloss

If you're interested in metallic foil for other book types, check out our Diamond 3D Foil. Diamond 3D Foil is a raised, metallic foil that can be applied to dust jackets, paperback book covers, spiral coil book covers, or saddle-stitched book covers.

How To Measure My Foil Stamped Die Size


Sketch out your cover design


Draw an imaginary rectangle around the area you want to be foil stamped


Measure the height and width of the rectangle in inches.


Multiply the width x height to find the total in square inches

FOR EXAMPLE: If your imaginary rectangle is 6.5" wide and 7" tall, your die size will be 6.5 x 7 = 45.5 square inches.

How to Measure Foil Die

Foil Stamping Cost

Foil Stamping
Dies up to 27 sq. in. $250 set-up +35¢/book
Dies between 27 and 54 sq. in. $300 set-up +40¢/book
Dies between 54 and 81 sq. in. $350 set-up +50¢/book
Dies larger than 81 sq. in. $600 set-up +75¢/book

Discover the stately and elegant effect of foil stamping for your book cover.