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RELEASE DATE: December 17, 2018

The Church Lie

By Paul M. Dohse and Andrew D. Young
Paul Dohse and Andy Young are longtime born-again followers of Christ, and thinkers inclined to ask questions. Both, for years, though dedicated to church, knew something wasn't right. After both found themselves in an eventual head-on collision with church orthodoxy, they were two different men on the same journey to find truth. While on that journey, their paths crossed in 2012 after Andy read Paul's first book, "Another Gospel, The New Antinomians and Their 'Gospel-Driven' Doctrine." In 2014, Andy joined TANC Ministries, a research organization directed by Paul. As a result of six years of combined study they have written, "The Church Lie and the Biblical Alternative." Paul is a former pastor and wrote the first book ever written on the New Calvinism movement, "The Truth About New Calvinism, It's History, Doctrine, and Character." Paul and Andy both live in central Ohio. Paul is married to Susan and the father of four sons and one daughter, and has five grandchildren. Andy is married to Samantha and the father of two sons and three daughters.
Everything you thought church is—it isn't. The belief that church is the body of Christ, the true gospel, the assembly of Christ, God's people, the elect of God, the kingdom of God, a light for God in a dark world, the bride of Christ, the love of God, and guided by the Bible are given assumptions that go without saying...until now.

In fact, church hijacked Christianity long ago. In "The Church Lie," Paul Dohse and Andrew Young deconstruct ten major presuppositions that define church.

Today's church has no real doctrinal or historical connection to the New Testament assembly of Christ. Church doesn't appear in history for more than 300 years after the birth of Christ's assembly at Pentecost.

So, what does the real assembly look like? And how do we return to its true gospel and family mode of operation? And what should we expect if we do?