Fast Book Printing From Start To Finish

I have ordered several book runs from 48HourBooks, and every time the end product has been excellent.

We've tried to make every step quick and easy, from placing your order, to uploading files, to viewing your PDF proof, and signing off. If you EVER run into trouble at any step of the way, we encourage you to call or email us with any questions at all about our one-off and quick printing services. We can help you get past any trouble you have in placing your order, creating and sending your files, proofreading and signing off. Computers are wonderful things, but they don't always do what we expect them to do. If you have trouble with your long or short-run book printing order or with your files, let us know. We can help.

Book Layout and Design (Pre-Press)

All orders go through our Pre-Press department. First, we send your files through a custom-made filter that checks for the most common file problems (missing fonts, type too close to the edge, low resolution graphics, etc.) Ideally, your files will be in great shape. We still have a few more steps to do, and then we create a PDF Proof. Once you send us your files, PDF proofs are typically available within one business day. However, if your files need a lot of work, it may take longer. Then you'll be able to sign-off on your first PDF Proof. If, however, you find mistakes in the PDF Proof, let us know what needs to be changed. If they're simple changes, it may only take a few hours before we send you a revised PDF proof. So watch your email. If you don't get anything from us, give us a call ... we can give you an update on your order at any time.

Or you can log onto your account at any time and check the status of your fast book printing order. Here's a short description of what each order status means:

Spec-Sheet YOU We are waiting for files or instructions from you.
Pre-Press 48HrBooks We are working on your files.
PDF Proof Signoff YOU We are waiting for you to sign off on the PDF proof that we sent you.
Waiting for Die 48HrBooks We are making the foil or embossing die (if you ordered it).
Printed Proof Being Produced 48HrBooks We are printing and shipping your printed proof (if you ordered one).
Printed Proof is on its way 48HrBooks Wait for your Printed Proof to be delivered.
Printed Proof Signoff YOU We are waiting for you to approve the printed proof that we sent you.
Approved but awaiting payment YOU We are waiting for you to pay the balance, then we'll print your books.
Print 48HrBooks We are printing your full order. Order is locked, no changes can be made.
Bind 48HrBooks Your books are all printed, and are being bound.
Shipping 48HrBooks Your books are printed and bound, and are being packaged and shipped.
Done or Closed   Your quick turnaround printing order is complete and has shipped out.

Fast Book Printing and Binding

We print your books on our state-of-the-art high-speed digital presses. Whether your books are black-and-white, full-color or a combination of the two, you can count on great print quality from the fast book printers at 48 Hr Books. Our standard paper for the inside pages is a 60# bright white offset, providing great contrast and easier readability than the muddy, pulpy paper you might get elsewhere. Your covers will always be printed in full-color, with a high-gloss UV coating at no extra charge. Laminating is also available upon request.

One reason we're the fastest book printers in the world is that the entire binding process is handled in-house. We currently have several high-capacity perfect binders, an entire room full of sewing and case-binding equipment for hard cover books, and several high-speed punches for spiral coil binding. And, of course, we're always adding more equipment to make our bindery operations and quick printing services even better.

Book Paper Types

60# White Offset
60# Cream Offset
70# White Offset
70# Cream Offset
80# Bright White Offset
80# Gloss Text
80# Silk Text
100# Gloss Text
100# Silk Text


Book Printing Production Times - 2 day turnaround

Book Printing Production Times

In most cases, our STANDARD production time and UPS Ground shipping will get your books to you in plenty of time. But if you need them even faster, you've got several options.

You can upgrade PRODUCTION time (the time it takes us to print and bind your books), or you can upgrade SHIPPING time (the time it takes UPS to get the books from our offices to you), or you can upgrade both PRODUCTION and SHIPPING time.

If you're trying to save a day or two, it's usually cheaper to upgrade our PRODUCTION time than to upgrade UPS's SHIPPING time. And if you're not sure, just give us a call. We can work out all the scenarios and let you know which is least expensive.

For PERFECT BOUND books (paperback books), our standard production time is 2 business days. You can select RUSH service, with a production time of 1 business day (artwork must be approved by 3pm), or SUPER RUSH service, where your books will ship the same day you OK your proof. (SuperRush is only available on a limited basis, so please call us to confirm that it's available. Also, your artwork must be approved by noon EST in order for your books to ship the same day.)

Book Printing Shipping Times

48 Hr Books Shipping Times

Check out the UPS shipping map below to see how long UPS Ground will take to get to you. If you need your books faster than that, you may want to select Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, or 3 Day Select. But again, it's usually less expensive to upgrade the quick printing services PRODUCTION time (Rush or SuperRush) than to upgrade the SHIPPING. We can help make sure that your books get delivered on time. Just give us a call, but be sure to do it BEFORE you give final approval of your artwork.


I've Seen Enough, Print My Books!

Once you're ready to place your order, simply click the big red "PRINT MY BOOK" button. Then fill out a simple form that tells us about you, your book, and your shipping and payment information for your large or short-run order. After the order is placed, you'll click the "Add Files" button to upload your files directly to us.

If, after placing your order, you realize there is a mistake and you need to make a change to the order, DO NOT place a revised order. We can make any changes you need on our end. Simply call (800-231-0521) or email ( us, or use our Online Chat and tell us what you need to change. Once you approve your artwork, however, your order is locked. We won't be able to make any changes at all.



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