Inside Cover Printing

Inside Cover Printing

... Printed in Full-color or Black-and-White.

Are you ordering perfect bound or coil bound books? 48 Hour Books can now provide you with the option of printing on the inside of your cover -- a premium service not offered by many of our competitors. Endpaper and pastdown printing gives you the perfect space for author information, advertisements, or critics' praise.

Inside cover printing is just one more special feature that will help your book stand out from the crowd. Contact us to learn how to print book covers quickly.

What's the cost for printing book interior covers?

Type of Printing and Quantity
Cost per Book
Set-up Charge
B/W (up to 499 books) 25¢ each $50 Set-up
B/W (500 or more books) 15¢ each $50 Set-up
Full Color (up to 499 books) 50¢ each $100 Set-up
Full Color (500 or more books) 35¢ each $100 Set-up


If you'd like printing on the inside of your covers, simply tell us in the "Comments" section of the order form, and let us know if you want it in Full-Color or Black-and-White.


Please note: This is available for Perfect Bound (paperback) books and Coil Bound books. It is NOT available for hard cover (case bound) books.

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