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Top-Quality Paperback Book Printing & Binding

We Print Paperback Books Readers Love to Love

What is the most popular book binding option? More people choose paperback books, which we call softcover or perfect bound, as their favorite book binding method.

Paperback books are loved by readers because they are light and portable. They also are cost-effective for authors.

We print professional, bookstore-quality paperback books in 48 hours. Our printing and binding operations ensure high-quality books – and a production schedule that meets your deadlines.

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Author Tecora Harvey with her paperback book

Paperback Book Features

Why are paperback books so beloved by readers and authors alike? This book style is sought after for many reasons:

  • Easy to transport. If you want readers to enjoy your book so much they take it with them – to read in transit, waiting in the doctor’s office, on vacation – paperback is the way to go. They are flexible and lighter, so readers find them to be extra portable.
  • Durable. With extra-strong PUR adhesive, books from 48 Hour Books will withstand handling by readers and give lasting value.
  • Cost-effective. Paperback book printing costs less than hardcover, or case bound, books. Authors like this style because they offer a bookstore-quality cover that looks great on shelves, at a lower price point.

Check out 48 Hour Books self-published author @tecoraharvey

Author Tecora Harvey with her paperback book

Paperback Books from 48 Hour Books

48 Hour Books has top-of-the-line bindery operations. We employ an experienced bindery team, giving careful, personal attention to your books. Our team performs quality checks throughout the paperback book bindery process, so you can be assured your books will look great.

What is paperback?

Paperback is a type of book binding method. At 48 Hour Books, we refer to these books as perfect bound or softcover. All of these terms refer to a book with a paper cover, held together on the spine with adhesive.

Here are some specifications for paperback books at 48 Hour Books:


Paperback book sizes can range from a minimum of 16 pages to a maximum of 1,052 pages. Some paperback formats include novels and memoirs, trade paperbacks (smaller paperback books you might see in an airport or gas station), and workbooks or manuals. The most popular paperback book sizes are:

  • 5.5 x 8.5 and 6 x 9 for traditional paperback books
  • 4.25 x 7 for trade paperbacks
  • 8.5 x 11 or 7 x 10 for workbooks or manuals

At 48 Hour Books, we offer professional quality book printing that’s a match for the best-sellers. From high-quality paper stocks to laser-crisp image and text, your printed book will look sharp and represent you well.


We only use PUR adhesive to bind our books. PUR adhesive is the strongest adhesive available, so your books will be durable, while staying flexible.


48 Hour Books offers paperback book printing, available in 10 or 12-point book cover thickness. Other paperback book cover types available include 80# Smooth and 80# Linen, which are uncoated covers, and Advantage Leatherette, which has a leather-like finish. We offer exclusive cover enhancement techniques, including our Diamond 3D Foil, Texture or Clear spot gloss options.

paperback book on desk

Why choose 48 Hour Books?

48 Hour Books offers a wide variety of tools and resources for self-publishing authors. We’re experienced and have all of the tools authors need. Our goal is to make the self-publishing process easier, with resources that are easy to access and understand.

In addition to our top-tier digital presses, we can handle eBook formatting and ISBN purchasing. Your ISBN allows you to sell your book to booksellers, bookstores, and libraries - any outlet you choose.

Unlike many traditional publishers, 48 Hour Books lets you remain in control. You own your ISBN and all rights to your books. We provide efficient printing on demand and a team of self-publishing experts to handle your questions.

paperback book on desk

There’s more:

Icon Production

Pre-Press and Production Schedules

We make it easy to see when you’ll get your books, so you can plan ahead. We give you a layout of all pre-press steps, so you can see our process and follow along. We also offer production schedules for all types of book binding styles, so you can easily meet your deadlines for book signings, sales, or events.

Icon Book Design Resources

Formatting Resources

TGet free book formatting templates for both interior pages and your cover. These templates are so simple to use – simply open the template and start typing. You’ll be assured your book is formatted correctly. The end result will be a professionally formatted book that looks great.

Icon Custom Cover

Cover Design Help

We offer cover design help from our team of in-house graphic designers. In addition to custom designed covers by our designers, we have cover design templates that allow you to customize ready-made covers. 48 Hour Books offers resources for self-publishers that help their books stand out on the shelf.

If you’re a self-publisher looking for a partner, 48 Hour Books is here to help. Learn about book printing with 48 Hour Books here.

Stack of paperback books by Omni McCluney

Interested in paperback book printing or pricing?

If you want to know how to print a paperback book, you’re in the right place. 48 Hour Books offers professional quality printing, and we do it fast. We can print paperback books faster than any printer in the world – in just 48 hours!

Our customer service team is always ready to talk to authors. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

For paperback book printing pricing, we have a quick and easy price calculator. Just drop in your book size, number of pages, and a few other details, and you’ll get an instant price quote.

Stack of paperback books by Omni McCluney

Ready to Print?

48 Hour Books will print books you’re proud to distribute.