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Self-Publishing Book Templates

Free book templates from 48 Hour Books

To make formatting your book easier (and to help you save time and money), 48 Hour Books offers free self-publishing book templates for both inside pages and covers.

About our templates

48 Hour Books offers inside page templates that can be used on nearly any word processing system (Microsoft Word, Open Office, Pages, Word Perfect etc.). If you’re just getting starting typing your book, now is a great time to use the templates.

For cover design help, we offer two free cover design templates (Adobe InDesign and Photoshop) in our four most popular book sizes.

Here’s how to get your free templates:

  • Fill out your name and email address in the form below.
  • Click Submit.
  • Wait a moment while you're taken to a new page, where you can decide which specific template you need.
  • Click to download the attachment(s), open it up and start typing. It’s that easy!
Get Free Templates

Please note: If you have already written your book using a word processing program, it may be easier to simply do basic formatting in your existing file. It is not necessary to use these free book design templates.

Need help determining your cover size?

If you’re unsure of your cover size, download our cover size calculator. Select perfect bound (soft cover) or hardcover (case bound) and download a .zip file.

Please note: If your file doesn’t open automatically in Acrobat, double click the .zip file, which is probably located in your Downloads folder. The calculator is a PDF form, so it will only work in Acrobat. If you don’t have Acrobat, simply call us and we will help you determine the proper dimensions.

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