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Make Your Book Shine with Custom Foil Cover Treatments

November 18, 2020 (Last Updated January 26, 2021)

Marcy G.

We all judge books by their covers. It’s only natural — the cover is the first thing we see! You can make sure your self-published book gives a good first impression with a professional-looking cover design.

And if you really want to make your book stand out in a crowd, accent your design with a foil embossed treatment. This glossy metallic addition can be used in a variety of ways to give your book a luxe, professional appearance — just like the big-name bestsellers.

Foil in a flash

Foil cover treatments add richness to your book’s cover for a truly high-end look. You can place foil on an image, on a design element, or on your title — anywhere you like. Your readers will be able see and feel the metallic shine. It’s an instant attention-getter.

Even better, adding foil doesn’t add a lot of turnaround time to your book order. In fact, we only need a few extra days to give your book this royal treatment!

Why use foil?

Why add foil to your book’s cover? Perhaps the better question would be, why wouldn’t you use foil? A stroll down the aisle at your nearest bookseller will show that nearly every book from today’s major publishing houses uses foil treatments on its cover.

Foil stamping and embossing shows the reader that your book is worthy of such good company, and that the utmost care and attention was given to it. It’s a touch that assures the reader that your book was professionally printed and produced, and that it’s worth their time and money to read. In fact, such attention to detail on your book’s cover is an important component in the marketing of your book as well as your brand.

Which foil to choose?

As you make decisions about the printing of your book, from cover design to trim size to binding style, you’ll be able to decide which foil method and color to choose as well.

At 48 Hour Books we have two foil options. Which one you pick will depend on the cover option you select.

the big-name bestsellers.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a heat-bonded process that applies metallic foil to a book’s cover. It’s an old-school method that looks rich and elegant. We provide foil stamping for hard cover books with cloth or leather covers, so the foil adds an extra layer of elegance.

See exactly how the treatment is applied using a heat-press in this foil-stamping process video.