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How to Practice and Spark Creativity Through Writing Habits

March 29, 2021 (Last Updated April 14, 2021)

James Baxter

Creativity is not just about the arts. It is used both while dealing with everyday tasks and at work. Not many people see themselves as creative or think the use of creativity is inappropriate if one is involved in the business. This is a big mistake, as sparking and boosting your creativity may help you reach new heights and succeed in life – especially when it comes to building writing habits.

You might think that creativity is one of those skills acquired during many years of hard work. Nonetheless, the reality is quite different than it actually is. Creativity is inherent in every person by nature. Special exercises can help you spark it and use it for the achievement of success in the future.

Why Is Creativity Important?

The ratings show that in a highly competitive environment, creativity becomes a must-have asset. While hiring new employees, many companies mention that they are looking for “creative people.” Why do they do that? The answer is easy:

·      It is creativity that promotes new ideas, products, and solutions for business growth.

·      Creativity is the engine of innovations.

·      It improves productivity. Creative people are more likely to take risks and face challenges as their imagination always finds a way out.

·      It unlocks more meaningful results.

·      It builds better teamwork.

Creativity drives a desire to learn. By delving into the problem content, you can get important insights that will advance your knowledge and help you find the best solution. If you find yourself in a writing slump, it is crucial to clearly understand what sets your creativity in motion.

How Do I Become More Creative & Get in Tune With My Creativity?

If you are not ready for big changes, you can start small by doing a small action each day. All those actions do not require any special equipment or investment. All you have to do is to brace yourself and start.

How to Practice Creativity: Top 11 Habits to Spark Creativity

 1.    Get some toys. “What? I am no longer a kid? How toys can help me?” – You will wonder. It worth mentioning that toys can be different. They can make you smile, evoke new ideas, and relieve stress.

 2.   Talk to kids. When we become adults, we stop hearing our inner child, generating the most breathtaking ideas. Children tend to say what they think without exaggeration or a desire to be liked. With just one sentence, they can inspire you and give you the right idea.

 3.   Write something new every day. Writing anything each day stimulates mental activity and broadens your vocabulary. While at the university, students often wonder why some research papers are good and some are not. The thing is that you may have the right ideas, but your paper may lack proper structuring, some crucial data, or lexis. Thus, students come up with paper writing assistance ratings to find a person who can help. To get assistance with writing, you can also contact All Top Reviews, offering the best essay writing service reviews.

 4.   Ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask a million questions. It is in the flow of answers that you will find the truth.

 5.   Daydream. One research about daydreaming showed that it helps us consolidate our memories.

 6.   Get some air. Whether it is a walk or meditation in the fresh air, it will help you “reload” your mind. It allows you to become an observer, taking inspiration from the beauty of the world.

 7.   Have fun. Having fun increases an optimism level. It improves the concentration of people and engages their creative brain. Having fun boosts motivation and lowers stress levels.

 8.   Draw or doodle. Take 5-minute breaks to draw. It does not matter whether you are a good artist or not - It activates the right side of your brain and helps you stay present and engaged.

 9.   Wake up early. Early morning hours are the time when the creativity center of your brain has its peak activity. If you find you write better at night, try doing something else in the morning to use as fuel for later.

10.  Change places. By changing the environment, you bring stimulation that will flourish your creativity. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to spark new ideas.

11.  Spend more time alone. Quite often, we are influenced by other people’s ideas. Being alone gives you mental space to reflect on yourself and your ideas, which is necessary for creativity promotion. Ph.D. Scott Barry Kaufman, a humanistic psychologist exploring the depths of human potential, mentions: “It’s hard to find that inner creative voice if you’re … not getting in touch with yourself and reflecting on yourself.”

Do you feel a lack of creativity? Then why not start working on it right now? Regular training will help you generate new ideas and form productive writing habits.

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