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Can a Writers’ Group Help You Be a Better Writer?

October 01, 2021 (Last Updated October 20, 2021)

When it comes to self-publishing, it is no secret that the majority of this process tends to be a solo journey. After all, writing is a unique sport where you can sit alone with your thoughts and let them harmoniously bleed out into rhythmic sentences on paper - painting that perfect picture for your readers.


But as great and even therapeutic as solo writing can be, it can certainly be hard to act as your own motivator from start to finish. In addition, let’s not forget about those unforeseen writer’s block situations when those once creative thoughts have come to a standstill. All in all, whether you are a new self-publishing writer or a seasoned one, everyone can use some helpful guidance, collaboration, and a sense of community during the writing process. And the best way to gain that support system is - you guessed it - joining a writers’ group.


What is a writers’ group and how can it help you become a better writer?

In a nutshell, a writers’ group is a supportive circle of new and/or experienced authors who all come together to help each other excel. Here, writers can share stories, brainstorm, critique each other’s work, and offer constructive feedback on how they can make it better. Depending on the group or association you go with, these groups could be entirely hosted online, feature in-person meetings on a set schedule, or have a mixture of both.


What can you gain by doing this?


ü  More qualified beta readers in your genre niche

ü  Help on your storyline to make it bulletproof

ü  Encouragement, inspiration, and motivation from others

ü  Others who will hold you accountable and push you to be productive

ü  Support that can help you refine your writing process to make it smoother

ü  Valuable feedback to position you and your book up for publishing success

ü  Wholesome fun and feelings of inclusiveness

ü  Like-minded people you can celebrate your success with and vice versa


Where can you find groups for writers?

Knowing what a writers' group is and how it can help you become a better writer is one thing, but knowing how to find one is another. In short, there are several ways you can go about joining a group for writers and start reaping the benefits from it. Some of the more non-conventional ways include heading to your local library, signing up for a writing retreat, and checking in with local community centers to see if they have any information available.


However, if you want to get started faster and more efficiently, then joining a group on social media and joining a writers' association is the ideal route to take. There are tons of associations and organizations you can choose from based on your genre and just as many (if not more) social groups. All you really have to do is scope out the ones that you feel would help you the most and aligns with the goals you are trying to achieve when writing your book.


To browse through more groups and associations by state, you can find them here.


Summary – More Creative Minds, More Opportunities, More Happiness

From motivation, encouragement to storyline brainstorming support, joining a writers’ group can become that secret weapon for you to spearhead your self-publishing objectives, now and in the future. These particular groups were designed to help self-publishing authors, just like you, advance and remain productive from the first chapter to the last. Even more, you can also feel that intense pride from being able to share your own skills and insight with others to help them as well. Because here, there is no competition against one other – it is a secure place where everyone can learn, grow, and develop into the best versions of themselves, and have their stories reflect that.


Overall, joining a writers’ group can be the perfect way for you to unlock new levels of storytelling potential and help others do the same. It can also become an enriching outlet for you to find more happiness and success as an author while forming a strong community with others long-term. In summary, we here at 48 Hour Books are advocates of writer's groups, because even in the world of self-publishing, sometimes it takes a village to create something ground-breaking.


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