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Printing on Demand With 48 Hour Books

January 03, 2022 (Last Updated January 05, 2022)

Marcy G.

If you want to fulfill book orders, but don’t want to order massive quantities at a time, choosing a print on demand option might be the option you’re looking for as a self-published author. Learn how 48 Hour Books can help you print small quantities.


At 48 Hour Books, we offer a variety of publishing services so you can get the print on demand books you want. In this blog post, we’ll explore what print on demand is, how to create a book, why you should work with 48 Hour Books, print on demand pricing, and more.


What is print on demand?

Print on Demand refers to the process of printing an individual book or a small number of books at a time. When you print on demand, you are “printing to order.”


Using a print on demand approach helps you to keep track of just how many books are being fulfilled on a regular basis, rather than ordering massive quantities at a time from an offset printer.


How to print on demand in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Customers order your book through a retailer of your choice, such as Amazon, Ingram, or your personal website.


Step 2

You review your inventory, and if you need more books, you can place an order for 10 or more. Re-ordering is easy – we’ll always keep your specs and files on hand. If you’re not making changes to your book, your exact reprint order will go straight into production and begin printing within minutes!


Step 3

We print, bind, and ship your books. We can either ship the books directly to you or to up to 4 unique addresses per order.


If you wish to have a book shipped directly to someone from our facility, you can request that the book be “blind shipped.” When you request blind shipping, the packaging will be free of any 48 Hour Books logo tape. You can note this in the “customer comments” section on your order.

Step 4

You package the books and ship them to your customers. Or, if you’ve decided to have us blind ship directly to your customers, sit back and relax.


Why 48 Hour Books is One of the Best Print on Demand Companies

Unmatched customer service

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to handle all of your pricing, ordering, and shipping concerns, as well as a dedicated pre-press technician who will check your files and help with any design needs and technical questions.


Easy Ordering

Because of our streamlined ordering process, 48 Hour Books makes it easy for self-publishing authors to access their accounts to re-order books at any time. Simply log into your account and click “Re-Order” next to the title you wish to reprint.


Fast on demand book printing

Don’t keep your customers waiting. 48 Hour Books prints paperback books in just 2 business days and hardcover and coil-bound books in 5 business days (or even faster, if needed)!


Bookstore quality

Just because your books are made to order doesn’t mean they need to look like they’ve been rushed. Our state-of-the-art equipment and incredible production team will make your on-demand books look like they came straight off a bookstore shelf.


The 48 Hour Books print on demand program isn’t the same as traditional print-on-demand, in which printers produce a single copy of your book each time it’s ordered. Instead, by having us print 10 copies or more, you’ll save money in the long run and pay a lower per-book cost than you would if you paid someone to print one copy at a time.


Print on demand pricing

You can get instant pricing any time using our price calculator. Contact us if you need help deciding which options to choose.


Frequently Asked Questions for Print On Demand Services

If you’re looking for answers to questions such as “Are print on demand books good quality?” or “How do you make a hardcover book?”, visit our Book Publishing FAQs page.


And, be sure to visit our blog to learn more about self-publishing, book design, on demand book printing, the writing process, marketing your books, and more.



As always, we’re here to help. We love helping authors through the process of printing and self-publishing. Contact us today to partner with 48 Hour Books!

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Print painlessly

Sign up for the 48 Hour Books newsletter to learn how to self-publish your book — and get it printed faster with us than anywhere else.


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