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Self-Publishing Authors: 6 Things 48 Hour Books Can Do for You

August 24, 2022 (Last Updated September 14, 2022)

If you’re a self-publishing author, 48 Hour Books has a host of services – just for you. We understand publishing your book can be fraught with decisions and we want to make it easier. Self-publishing doesn’t have to be a confusing maze. In fact, with the right partner, it can be pretty straightforward.

You have many options when it comes to printing your book. If you choose 48 Hour Books, we’re committed to being a valuable resource. Here are some services we offer to help make the publishing process a little easier, more enjoyable, and the experience you deserve!

1. Order the Quantity You Need

One of the benefits of self-publishing is more control. With 48 Hour Books, you can order just the quantity of books you need (as little as 10 books at a time). If the printer you work with only allows larger quantities, you could end up paying for, and storing, more books than necessary. We print quickly (without sacrificing quality), in large quantities and small.

By making small quantity orders possible, we make it easy to order for:

  • Increased demand
  • Marketing and other promotional events
  • Seminars or guest speaker opportunities
  • Special occasions
  • Family gifts

Self-publishing shouldn’t involve the major risk of ordering more books than you need. With 48 Hour Books, you can order exactly what you want and your files will be ready when you need quick reprints. We can also handle updates or edits for future reprints.

2. Batch Ordering to Fit Your Budget

If you want to print in “batches” to keep your printing costs in budget, 48 Hour Books can do it. Some authors prefer to print smaller quantities, spaced out to ensure they only spend what they are comfortable with during a particular period of time. When you order with 48 Hour Books, you can contact us at any time to reorder quickly. It’s easy! You can even speak with the same customer service representative as your previous order.

3. Meet Increased Demand

Are your books selling faster than you anticipated? Congratulations! When you need books fast, we can deliver. We print paperback books in just 48 hours and we offer “rush” and “super rush” options for a faster production time.

If you have a new promotional event opportunity, you can order the books you’ll need just by completing our order form online!

4. Easier Storage

If storing large quantities of books is inconvenient, ordering in smaller quantities from 48 Hour Books – a printer you can trust for bookstore quality prints – means you never need to find room for stacks of books in your home or office.

5. Business Book Benefits

If you’re self-publishing a business book, you’ll find the convenience of printing with 48 Hour Books allows you to print quickly for business events. Easily ramp up in-stock quantities if you see increased demand following a seminar, convention or other event. Print what you need for speaking engagements.

6. Self-Publishing Authors Count on 48 Hour Books

If you’re new to the publishing world, we offer a variety of tips for how to self-publish a book. Check out our free Ultimate Guide to a 48 Hour Book. The Ultimate Guide tells you everything you need to know and you can experience, firsthand, the print quality of our paper, binding, and covers.

With 48 Hour Books, you get fast turnaround and a dependably high-quality print job, every time. In addition to that, you have the assistance of our knowledgeable customer service and team of designers. We love helping self-publishing authors achieve their dream. If you want to get started on printing your book, contact us or place an order.


Print painlessly

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Print painlessly

Sign up for the 48 Hour Books newsletter to learn how to self-publish your book — and get it printed faster with us than anywhere else.


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