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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Short-Run Book Printing

January 04, 2023 (Last Updated May 10, 2023)

Marcy G.

When you’re first deciding how to print your book, there are two options to consider: digital printing or offset printing. Offset printing is best suited for runs of 2,000 books or more. If you consistently need to produce at high volumes, then offset printing would be beneficial for you. However, most authors starting out do not need this many books on hand, unless your pre-orders have hit a high mark. Digital, short run book printing is most likely the smarter move if you’re a self-publishing author.

Most publishing companies, depending on your contract and public interest, will print an initial run of 5,000 books or more, whereas a self-publishing author may start out with as little as 100 books.

Here are five reasons you should consider short-run book printing:

1. Offset printers currently have a long turnaround time

The pandemic has led to a lot of shortages – material shortages and staffing shortages. Currently, if you contact an offset printer, you may not have your books in hand for six months or more.


2. Short-run printing is ideal for first-time authors

As a self-publishing author, you might not be sure what your impact will be or how your sales are going to shake out just yet – no author does! That’s why it’s a safe bet to start with a short run of copies. It’s important to first gauge public interest then go from there.

So, how do you do this?


3. You can create a pre-sale sign-up to determine your first batch order

What’s easy about short-run book printing is determining just how many books to order. Even if you miss the mark a bit, it’s easy to correct by ordering more. Deciding on an initial print run depends on different factors, including genre, your scale of marketing, and pre-sale orders. If you don’t already have an email list set up, it’s an easy way to send out a pre-sale form for people to pre-order

Creating a pre-sale sign-up will help you gauge initial interest in your book and potential sales going in.


4. Short-run book printing is economical

Because you’re not committing to printing SO many copies of your book at one time, your initial expenses won’t be outrageous. Say you print an initial run of 100 books, and you sell them within a few months – great! You can take a part of the profits to place your next run of books, saving you from investing a lot of money up front.


5. Easily re-order your book

Do you need 10 books for an event then need 50 books a couple weeks later? No problem! When you invest in short-run book printing, you’re allowed to place orders whenever you want.


Short-run book printing with 48 Hour Books

At 48 Hour Books, you can order as few as 10 copies. When you place an exact reprint order with us, you receive $20 off. Whenever you order 100 books or more, you receive 25 free! You can get instant pricing using our price calculator.

Ready to print your book? Place an order today!

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