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Ebook Conversion with 48 Hour Books: Everything You Need to Know

July 14, 2021 (Last Updated August 23, 2023)

Marcy G.

We will be breaking down everything you need to know about our eBook conversion services. You can request an eBook as an additional option on your online order form and we will email you the files directly once they are completed. If you are not printing books and solely want to use our eBook services – no problem! Just call us and we will set up this order for you.


What is the cost for eBook conversion?

Our Economy eBook Conversions are $200. In order to be considered Economy Conversion, your book must be less than 200 pages (when set in 12-point Times in Microsoft Word), cannot have footnotes or endnotes, and contain 10 or fewer pictures, graphics, and charts. If any of these three conditions are not met, then your book may be a Standard Conversion, which is $350. In order to be considered "Standard" eBook Conversions, your book must be less than 400 pages (when set in 12-point Times in Microsoft Word), have less than 100-foot notes or endnotes, and less than 50 pictures, graphics, and charts.


What devices will your eBooks work on?

We'll provide you with two different formats: a MOBI file (that works on Amazon's Kindle devices), and an ePub file (that works on iPad, Nook, iPhone, and virtually all other eReader devices).

What files should I send for conversion?

Word files are the best, but we also accept other word processor files, InDesign, and PDF.


How long does it take?

Usually 3-4 business days. All conversions are done manually by a qualified technician. More complex conversions may take a little longer, so if you have a deadline, just let us know!


What do you do to the files?

We hand-code all of the files (using HTML) into .epub and .mobi formats. We try to match exactly what’s in the existing document as closely as possible. We do not do any design or add to the existing formatting. When the conversion is complete, we send the files back to you to distribute as you wish.


What about the book cover?

If you send us a cover, we will include it on the eBook. This will show up on your device’s “bookshelf” with any other eBooks that you have on your device. If you want to include the back cover, we can add it as the last page in your eBook. Some eBook vendors require that you also upload the cover separately from your eBook to be included on their marketplace. We will provide you a correctly sized JPEG of your cover for this purpose if you need it.


Do you have any technical advice?

When it comes to eBook conversions from files formatted for print, there are three main elements that typically get adjusted: Fancy fonts, Text-wrapped Images, and Multi-column text.


Since eReaders can only display a handful of fairly generic fonts (Arial, Times, Calibri, etc.) most fonts throughout a book will be converted to one of these. That being said, font styles, such as Italics, Bold, and Underlined text will all carry over, no matter what font is being used.

Example of font conversion in Ebook format


Many eReaders do not have the ability to wrap text around images, so any image that appears embedded within a paragraph will need to be moved either above or below said paragraph. If this isn’t adjusted before the conversion happens, our eBook technicians can automatically replace the image to the proper spot.

Example of image placement in eBooks


Most (if not all) eReaders display text in a single column. Sometimes, it’s best to think of an eBook like a website or novel rather than a magazine or textbook. Because of this, any multi-column file will simply be converted into a single column, with all text remaining in the same order as in the original file.

Multi-column of text to single column of text for ebook



Do you provide “fixed layout” eBooks?

If your book needs to have a fixed layout (so that images and text stay exactly in place - usually relevant for art books or children’s books), you will need to send us your file to determine if we can create an eBook file for you. Fixed layout files are not available at this time.


What if I don’t have an eReader? Can I open the files on my computer?

You will not be able to open the files that we send you on your computer. These files are formatted specifically for eReader devices. If you absolutely cannot access an eReader device (Kindle, Nook, iPad, tablet) to view your files, there are two free preview programs that can be downloaded to preview your files, but they will not be very accurate representations of how your eBook will look on an eReader.

·      For .epub files, you can use Adobe Digital Editions

·      For .mobi files, you can use Kindle Previewer


Do you have any advice for distribution and next steps?

We recommend selling your eBook through as many vendors as possible, including Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook marketplace, and Amazon. We can provide limited information on how to do this, but it’s best to contact those specific vendors directly to discuss their process and requirements.


How are you different from others?

Some companies may offer lower-priced eBook conversion, BUT they require that your document first be formatted perfectly using their specific requirements. They simply run your file through an automated process and spit it out. This takes a lot of extra work upfront for you, resulting in a final product that may not match your original formatting and contain errors. We hand-code every part of our eBook files, compare them to your original document along the way, and personally review the eBooks on actual eReader devices before sending the converted files to you. Plus, if you have questions, we’re always here to help via phone and email.

Contact us today to get started! 



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