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5 Reasons Copyrighting a Book is Important

January 18, 2023 (Last Updated February 01, 2024)

Marcy G.

“Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression.”

– U.S. Copyright Office (copyright.gov)


Applying for copyright protection is not difficult or expensive, and the protection it offers is important. Copyrighting a book is an important step in protecting your work from those who might seek to wrongfully take credit for your creative efforts. 

You officially own your work once you create something – it’s yours. But, if you plan to share your work with others and profit from it, it’s best to copyright your book for legal protection and other freedoms associated with ownership. 

Here are five reasons copyrighting a book is important for your future success:

1. It’s beneficial to have your work on record when you register

Registering your book with the copyright office provides you with exclusive rights.


2. It prevents others from copying your work

Copyrighting your book legally protects you if someone tries to steal ideas, characters, plot, or any likeness from your work.


3. You cannot sue for copyright infringement unless your book is registered

If someone does steal from you, you cannot do anything about it unless you registered your book.


4. You can produce derivative content related to your copyrighted book

Since you own the rights to your characters, story, and anything unique to your work, you have the freedom to produce more content related to it.


5. Your work can be performed or displayed publicly  

If you apply for copyright, you have the freedom to use your book in any public way you wish since you own it. You don’t have to worry about someone else using your work in a public way without your permission.


For information on the copyrighting process, we’ve outlined how easy it is to register your book. You can also find more information at Copyright.gov.

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