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The Importance of the Back Book Cover

March 08, 2023 (Last Updated March 27, 2023)

Marcy G.

What is the first thing you do when you pick up a book at the store? You read the front cover. If the front cover is intriguing, you flip the book over to read the back cover. This ritual is what makes the back book cover so important – it may be the final reason someone decides to buy your book.


What is included on the back book cover?

Book blurb: The back cover blurb is typically around 200 words and provides a short description of the book. The back cover blurb should mention the main character to give you a sense who the reader will be following, what the potential conflict is, and a nod to the tone through the language being used. The primary function of a blurb is to entice readers to buy the book. A good blurb leaves the reader wanting more.


Testimonials: Reviews from fellow authors and other notable people can also be found on the back book cover. Testimonials establish a sense of credibility: These people have read the book and liked it – take their advice and maybe you will too!


Author bio: If you have not included your “About the Author” section elsewhere in your book, then you may choose to include your author bio, along with your author photo, on the back book cover. This page may appear in other parts of your book, but is commonly placed in the back matter, on the back cover, or on a dust jacket flap.


ISBN/Barcode: If you plan to sell your books in stores or online, then you will need an ISBN and barcode. Bookstores and distributors use ISBNs when ordering titles, so if you want them to carry your book, you’ll need an ISBN. The ISBN will be embedded in the barcode, which is traditional placed in the bottom right corner on the back book cover. This is something you will want to keep in mind when you design your book cover.


How 48 Hour Books can help:

You can buy ISBNs and barcodes at 48 Hour Books, both individually and in packages. We are authorized channel partners with ISBN.org, so we can help you streamline the process and save a little money, too.

The success of a back book cover equally depends on the front cover design. To get potential readers to turn the cover over and read the back, the front cover needs to be well-designed and enticing. If you need help designing your book cover, we offer cover design services.

Once your book cover is designed and your files are ready, partner with 48 Hour Books! We’re here to help throughout the process and deliver a high-quality product. Get started today.

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If you want to know how to publish a book, our website is a great resource. Know exactly what to expect after you place your order by reviewing our detailed pre-press and production schedules, shipping schedules, FAQs and more. Through our blog, learn the ins and outs of publishing, including terms you should know and tips on marketing, design and other important publishing topics.

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Travis Lewis April 03, 2023

Is sales tax charged by 48 Hour Books on shipment? Also, if the author picks up his books, are there any other service charges added to the sales price? I live in Tennessee; would the books be picked up in Akron?

48 Hr Books April 04, 2023

Hello! If you live outside of Ohio, you are tax exempt. If you plan to pick up your order, you would come to our Akron, Ohio location. There is no cost for picking up your order.

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