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Freight Shipping with 48 Hour Books

December 07, 2023 (Last Updated December 13, 2023)

Michael Dull

For a number of reasons, ordering a large quantity of books can be stressful. But two of the most common causes for concern are the cost and safety of the books. While traditional couriers like UPS offer great service, their standard methods aren’t 100% suited for large, heavy shipments. Luckily, you also have the option to send your books via freight! If you’re considering investing in a high quantity order, and you want to ensure the books arrive safely, we’ll discuss below why freight shipping may be perfect for you.


Extra Protection for Your Books

Before 48 Hour Books ships out your books, they are always shrink wrapped in groups, secured by packing paper, and placed in sturdy cardboard boxes. However, despite these measures, a heavy box filled with books can still be damaged when moving through UPS Ground, since each package is handled separately.  

When shipping through a freight company like XPO, the boxes are initially packaged the same way, but then the boxes are placed on a pallet, which is itself shrink wrapped and loaded onto a trailer. From there, the books begin their path to you. There may be stops along the way at interim facilities, but the individual boxes are not loaded and unloaded at each stop along the way, lessening chances for damage.

At 48 Hour Books, we recommend freight shipping if your order of books weighs 500 pounds or more. The total weight of your books will be automatically calculated during the ordering process, and freight shipping will be suggested if it is over 500 lbs. Our team may also reach out to suggest freight shipping if we feel it will be a good fit for you, or if you have multiple orders shipping out around the same time. If you are in a rush and still want to ship with standard UPS Ground, this is an option, but freight shipping is encouraged to ensure your books arrive with no damage.


Save Money!

One of the major benefits of shipping with freight is that it can save you money, both in the short and long-term. In the short-term for example, ordering a thousand books and having them ship out in two different shipments with UPS Ground will cost more than sending one pallet out freight. Savings vary based on weight, delivery location, and services required, but freight is almost always cheaper.

Since books can experience damage as they move through a traditional courier’s system, going from one truck to another, you also save money in the long-term. The safer the books are throughout their journey, the less time and funds you will spend replacing books or apologizing to your customers while a portion of the order is reprinted for shipping damage. And the happier your customers are, the more they’re willing to continue buying books!


Tailor Freight Delivery to Your Needs

Freight shipping is not just an option for large businesses that use 48 Hour Books. Even if you’re a self-publisher running things out of your own garage, it’s possible for you to receive a freight shipment. As long as a truck can access your driveway, the pallet can be dropped off directly at your residence – or even brought inside, with added “inside delivery” service. XPO also offers services like “residential” and “liftgate” that can be added to the order. “Liftgate service” means the driver will lower the pallet off the truck to ground level. “Residential service” is required for any address that is not commercial.  Not to worry – almost all of our freight shipments require these two services, and though they add to the total cost, freight shipping will still likely save you money. For those sending the books to a business with a dock, the truck can of course deliver them there with no additional services needed. Before the delivery, XPO will contact you to set-up an appointment time, so you'll know when to expect your books.


Considering Freight, But You’re in a Rush?

One thing to keep in mind is that shipping via freight has estimated delivery dates that are not guaranteed. If you are in hurry and need a lot of books by a specific date, using a standard UPS method may be preferable. It can take an extra day for us to prepare your shipment for freight pickup and to secure a pickup appointment. Once the books are en route, freight shipments typically take about the same time as a standard ground shipment, but not always. So, if you have an exact need-by date for your books, we recommend sticking with a traditional shipping method such as UPS Ground (or one of their expedited methods like Next Day Air, which is “guaranteed” by UPS). 

While the design and editing of your manuscript will likely always be a source of stress, the shipping of your books does not have to be. Shipping with freight can give you peace of mind, save money, and protect your books. If you’re thinking of placing a large quantity order, you can visit our order form here. Don’t forget to leave us an order comment about sending your books freight! 

Learn more about shipping with 48 Hour Books. If you have any questions about placing an order or your shipping options, contact us! We’re here to help.



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