Tips for Promoting Your Book

February 28, 2018 (Last Updated February 28, 2020)

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Get Creative:

-Turn a reading into a collaboration with other authors, musicians, and artists to make it fun and interesting.

-Incorporate multimedia by looping your book trailer in the background or have visuals of your cover art displayed.

Social Media:

-Create an aesthetic that is interesting and consistent across your online platforms.

-Build up anticipation of your book release to create buzz.

-Tease the development of your book and its progress on your social media.

-Do an online Giveaway for a copy of your book to gain exposure and followers.

Get Involved:

-If you went to college, request to be featured in an alumni publication or on their website. Go to alumni events to network and plug your book.

- Search locally for book events at libraries and schools for readings and author showcases.

Research & Planning:

-Send preview copies to authors you know and try and gather some reviews.

-Get to know your distributor and who their vendors are. If you are selling exclusively through Amazon, research ways your book will be seen when it’s posted.

- Research groups, blogs, forums, businesses, and publications related to your book for exposure. People a part of these communities could read and contribute a review of your book.


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