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How to Use Book Printing Services as an Independent Publisher

February 18, 2021 (Last Updated November 05, 2019)

Marcy G.

If you’re an independent publisher that needs a book printer, our business is set up for exactly that! You can manage all of your clients from one account. Here’s an outline of what you can expect and how simple the process is:

Setting up your account

You can create an account on our website

or wait until you place your first order with us (you will be prompted to create a password when you place an order, using your email as the username).

You will be the manager of the account under your publisher name and can keep all orders in one account for your multiple clients. All of their books will be listed in your order history and can be re-ordered at any time. It is up to you how you want to handle payment with your clients. We accept debit, credit, and PayPal.

Once you place the order, you will be asked to upload their PDF files of the inside pages and cover. They can provide you with the files to upload yourself, or you can have them email them to us via Hightail with either the order number or book title in the description so we can easily find the order. If you ever need help or clarification throughout the process, feel free to contact us!

You will be assigned a customer service representative who can help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Have questions about payment, timing, shipping information, or general information? Your customer service rep will be there for you!


Your client will need an ISBN if they plan on selling their books in stores or online. You can request an ISBN (or pack of 10) on your online order form as an additional option. Once the order is placed, we will email you the ISBN application for you or your client to fill out. Once we receive the ISBN, we will add it to the copyright page (if a space is provided) and generate a barcode that the tech will place on the back cover.


Let us know ahead of time if you want us to email your client directly with any technical questions. You can put this note in the “customer comments” section on your order form. This will make it easier for our prepress technicians to handle any back and forth communication regarding the files. Sometimes it can get a little confusing for our techs when you’re trying to be the spokesperson for your client if any issues occur. At the end of the day, your client is going to have the most input when it comes to relaying information about the files, so we encourage you to have a dialogue with them beforehand on how to handle correspondence! If this becomes a problem at any point – just call us!

Proof checking

Once the prepress technician is done setting up the files for printing, they will upload a PDF proof of the inside and pages and cover to the order on your account. You will receive an email notification when it is ready.

You can download the proofs and send them to your client, or we can send it to them directly via hightail in addition to uploading to your account. This is something you would also let us know in the “customer comments” section on the order.

Example: Please also email proofs to ____ at: (insert email address)

Once your client gives you the OK, you can approve the proofs on your account. Once approved and paid in full, your books go to print!


We require print-ready PDF files from the start, but we understand that there are some things you might catch when reviewing the proofs. 

You can send edits through email or via order note on your account that will be sent to the prepress tech. They will let your client know if there are any issues making the requested changes.

When submitting changes, make sure your client is specific by referencing the page number, paragraph, line sentence, etc.


When you fill out your order, you will enter the desired address for the shipment, whether it’s your business address, personal address, client’s address, or a fulfillment center, we can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. If you need to ship to more than one address, simply select “add address” and you can input the number of books that will be shipped to each one!

*Does your client want a printed proof of their book shipped to them before the books print? You can request one for an additional $40 on your order. In the “customer comments” section, let us know the address the proof should be shipped to if it is different from the address for the full shipment.  


Planning on using us as your go-to printer? Let us know and you may qualify for our publisher discount!

We want to help you in any way we can by making this process as easy as possible. If you have questions about setting up an account as an independent publisher with us, contact us or give us a call: 800-231-0521

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