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Marketing Your Self-Published Book on a Budget

February 18, 2021 (Last Updated January 29, 2020)

Marcy G.


If you been through the process of publishing a book, then you already know that promoting and marketing your book is essential for driving sales, but it can be a little expensive. Here are some practical, low-budget ways to promote your self-published book without breaking the bank:

Blog or Personal website:

Blog about your experience throughout the process and leading up to your book release. This is a great way for people to get to know you as an author and learn about your self-published book. Create an “About Me” section that is captivating, interesting, and insightful. Let your readers really get to know you and feel like you’re a down-to-earth person by establishing an online persona and a voice. Build up anticipation of your book release to create buzz by teasing the development of your book and its progress.

Social Media:

Create an aesthetic that is interesting and consistent across your online platforms. Look at Instagram feeds that you admire and research other author pages to get a sense of what you like.

The more content you have ready, the better. Start by building anticipation for your project with progress and teaser posts. When your release date is approaching, you should have a full rollout of content prepped and ready to post.

Do a giveaway for a copy of your book on Facebook or Instagram to gain exposure and followers. The volume of engagement will also give you an idea of how much interest is out there. Was the giveaway successful? Run another one!

Join self-publishing groups on Facebook to network with other authors. Look up groups on Facebook related to your genre and post about your book in these groups!

Paid Advertising:

Promote posts on your Facebook and Instagram author pages. Start by establishing a realistic budget, whether it’s $2 to $5 daily, and create attention-grabbing posts about your book. Create video content and widen your reach by spending a little more per ad. Video content is shown to drive a stronger click rate.

Podcasts & Vlogs:

If you don’t have your own podcast or YouTube channel, research accounts that would be a good fit for you to either be interviewed and talk about your book, or collaborate in some way. Many vloggers and podcasters will help promote your book if you do the same for their podcast or vlog!

Looking for free ways to market your self-published book? Opt-In to our sharing option when you place an order, and your book could be featured on our social media!


How Do I Market My Book?

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48 Hr Books January 31, 2020

Hi Louis! This is completely your call. I would start by seeing how much interest is out there. Think of an incentive to generate more buzz for the event, such as a giveaway or free signed copies for the first 5 people in attendance. Think of venues for book signings that bring some additional perks to the table, like food, drinks, or entertainment so that people coming to your book signing could make a night of it. Hope this helps!

louis davis January 31, 2020

I've already had a book signing. should I do another one? didn't have a lot of fan fare but I now see where the anticipation to that day should have lasted longer before the signing

48 Hr Books January 31, 2020

Hi Rodney! A blog is a video blog, normally posted on YouTube. It is free to start a YouTube channel and there are online resources to help you start a podcast for free as well. We recommend researching different platforms online!

rodney burke January 31, 2020

so what is a Vlog? new term Oh and how much does it cost to set up a podcast on UTube. Is it expensive?

48 Hr Books January 31, 2020

Thanks, Rick! We wish you luck!

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