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March 12, 2018 (Last Updated February 28, 2020)

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We will always provide a PDF proof of your inside pages and cover that must be approved before your books go to print.  However, we also have the option of sending you a printed proof.  A printed proof is one hard copy of your book that we will overnight to you to view and approve before printing your full run. This option is great for a few reasons:


Color matching:

If you have a lot of color photos in your book, or “critical color” on your cover that needs to be matched perfectly, the only fool-proof way to check it is by seeing the color in person, printed out. Sometimes, the color you see on your screen is not 100% representative of how it will print. If for some reason the color on your printed proof is off, we can then match it to the color that you need before printing your full run of books! This will save you anxiety and money.



Studies show that reading text on a screen tires your eyes faster than reading them on a printed page, so for many people, it’s easier to spot last-minute typos and miscellaneous mistakes by reading a physical copy.


Peace of mind:

We like to think of printed proofs as “book insurance,” meaning if you have any reservations about signing off on your PDF proof without seeing a hard copy, then a printed proof will give you the confidence to fully approve the product you are about to receive. We highly recommend printed proofs for first-time authors!



More details:

o   If you want a printed proof, you can request one on your online order form.

o   Printed proofs cost $40, which covers the cost to produce the book and ship it overnight.

o   In order for your printed proof to arrive the next day, you must approve your PDF proof by 2pm EST for paperback books.

o   Printed proofs for Spiral Binding must be approve by Noon EST and ship the next day, and hardcover books also need approved by Noon EST and ship in 2 business days.

o   If you have anything that needs fixed after receiving your printed proof, let us know and we will prepare another PDF proof for you to view and approve.














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