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How to Build an Audience for Your Business by Self-Publishing a Book

July 01, 2020 (Last Updated June 15, 2022)

Marcy G.

When trying to build an audience for your business, publishing a book might not be the first idea on your list, but writing a business book is an excellent concept to consider. All you need is the right topic and a self-publishing partner to print books on demand. Read on to learn how to build an audience by self-publishing a business book.


Become a Thought Leader in Your Field

No matter what your industry, strive to be viewed as an expert in your field. Publishing a business book of relevant content for your target audience is a great way to establish authority as a thought leader. Customers and potential clients want to do business with those who are knowledgeable. Publishing a business book builds your credibility and helps your business stand out from the competition.


Gain Awareness with Media Coverage

Publishing a book is a great opportunity to gain media coverage. Once your book is finished, write a press release to accompany the book launch and send to local news outlets for potential stories. Pitch the release of your book to reporters for press interviews. Ask bloggers, podcasters and writers to do book reviews. Different avenues of media coverage spread the word about your book and your business, as well.


Build Relationships and Get New Clients

When working on growing your network, you’re probably meeting potential clients all the time. What better way to make an impression than giving them a signed copy of your business book? It definitely beats a business card. Along with highlighting your business’ credibility, you’ll make them feel special. You can also give signed copies to your current clients to stay top of mind and strengthen those already-formed relationships. Choose a self-publishing partner that allows you to print on-demand books, and you’ll always have them ready to hand out.


Attract Skilled Employees

It’s no surprise that a successful business needs a strong team of employees. As you build an audience for your business, you might find you need to expand your team. Publishing a business book is a solid way to help attract skilled employees. When potential employees vet a company, they often research the business online, examine their social presence and any press. Seeing that a company published a book in their industry helps add credibility and make the company more appealing for career opportunities.


Writing a business book takes time and commitment, but the benefits truly make it a worthwhile venture, especially considering self-publishing is easier than ever! Have questions about publishing a book yourself or are you ready to publish a book? Get started today.


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