People DO judge a book
by its cover.

Stand out from the crowd
with 3D Foil book covers!


Elevate your cover design with

Diamond 3D Covers

Now available in Foil, Clear, or Smart Textures

Another exclusive from 48 Hr Books, Diamond 3D covers are an inexpensive way to really stand out from the crowd. Highlight a couple of elements on your cover with our exclusive Diamond 3D printing. Choose your book title, and maybe an important design element, and we’ll make them stand out … literally! Note: Diamond 3-D Covers add 3 days to production time.

Diamond 3D FOIL is a raised metallic foil coating that can be used to highlight elements of your book cover (most often your book title) to really catch the eye. Currently available in gold, silver, red, or blue.

Diamond 3D CLEAR is a clear, raised coating that is printed on top of your artwork to give it a high-gloss raised “3D” effect that you can see and feel!

Diamond 3D SMART TEXTURES use the same technology as our Diamond 3D Clear coating. We’ll apply one of our available book cover textures to your entire cover to imitate the feel of a non-paper cover (such as linen or leather). Our graphic designers will customize the background to make sure printed elements of your cover aren’t overshadowed and that all of your text is still legible.

This is not just a 3D effect.
It's actual 3D printing that you can see ... and FEEL!

The following videos show an excellent example of how a Diamond 3D Cover can really enhance the look and feel of your books. We start with a good-looking cover, then add the Diamond 3D to the wording and a few other elements, and it really POPS.

Diamond 3D itself is a coating that is raised up from the surface. Diamond 3D Clear accentuates all of the printed colors underneath it. Diamond 3D Foil gives elements a shiny, metallic highlight that turns any cover into one that will really grab your reader's attention. Finally, Diamond 3D Smart Textures are applied to your entire cover. These imitate the feel of a non-paper cover (such as linen or leather). You can check out the Diamond 3D Foil in the video below, done in blue. We also offer gold, silver, or red foil options. The video below also displays one of our five standard Diamond 3D Smart Textures. You can see the clear crosshatch pattern on the background of the book cover.


Below, you can see our Diamond 3D Clear in more detail, so you can better appreciate the overall effect and how it makes the red on this cover stand out. It really is quite unique.


Your book cover may be the most important aspect of marketing your book. No matter how much effort you spend getting people to your book signing or to your book's web page, they won't buy the book if the cover isn't enticing.

Book stores display books with their covers facing the reader. It's the first thing they'll see, and an eye-catching cover is the reason they'll pick up a book. No longer just considered 'nice to have', a professionally designed cover is now an essential part of marketing your book.

As an author, you've only got a few seconds to convince them that your book might be worth a longer look. You may have some great comments and reviews on your back cover, but you have to have a front cover that's enticing enough for a reader to pick it up and actually read the back.


40% Off Sale

Valid through May 31, 2020

Place your order, and select one of our Diamond 3D book cover choices under Cover Options. You’ll get the discounted price, and we’ll do the rest. Combine any of the following:

Diamond 3D FOIL
Book Size Setup (@ 40% off) Add'l per book (@ 40% off)
5.5x8.5 inches and smaller $150 $90 90¢ 54¢
Larger than 5.5x8.5 inches $150 $90 $1.50 90¢
Diamond 3D Clear
Book Size Setup (@ 40% off) Add'l per book (@ 40% off)
5.5x8.5 inches and smaller $75 $45 66¢ 40¢
Larger than 5.5x8.5 inches $75 $45 $1.10 66¢
Book Size Setup (@ 40% off) Add'l per book (@ 40% off)
5.5x8.5 inches and smaller $75 $45 53¢ 32¢
Larger than 5.5x8.5 inches $75 $45 90¢ 54¢

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