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Don't Forget This Crucial Step When Writing a Book

April 21, 2021 (Last Updated May 12, 2021)

Marcy G.

Once you've finished the first draft of your book, you might be tempted to relax, let your friends know you've finally finished your book, and call it a day. It's understandable why you might want a break, especially if your book may have taken a few months to a year to write. Finishing the last page can give you a moment of relief.


However, the process of publishing your book is not over just yet. Your job quickly changes from writing to starting the process of editing. Knowing how to edit your writing is essential to get your book published and into the hands of your reader at a quicker pace. Plus, it gives you time to create concrete character lines and ensure a consistent tone. Check out our top editing tips to get started today.


Give Yourself a Break

While this might go against advice, you don't want to immediately jump into editing your book after you've finished writing it. Take a few days and do anything but touch your writing. Give yourself some space from the book to try to forget about most of your writing. This will give you time to re-approach your book with fresh eyes so that you can give your best effort towards the editing process.


Work on Portions at A Time

Instead of trying to get your editing process done as soon as possible, give yourself ample time to ensure it's done right. You might only allow yourself to edit for one to three hours a day or only focus on a chapter at a time. The goal is to avoid any type of burnout to make sure you're giving your book the attention it needs.


Read Your Words Out Loud

Hearing the words of your book spoken out loud can help you fix apparent errors. While it might read fine on paper, when spoken, it might not sound as fluent. You can either read it yourself, have a friend read it for you, or use an online program to read the words. Listen for areas of your text that are hard to understand, and edit the passages to create a better flow.


Use an Automated Editing Program

It's essential to make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct. Use an online program, such as Grammarly, to check your work for errors or typos. It can save you a ton of time to fix the simple mistakes from the start so you can focus on more complicated edits.


Choose 48 Hour Books For Your Self-Publishing Needs

Writing and editing a book can require a lot of research, time, and effort as a self-publisher. Once you've finished the editing process, it's time to print and sell your book. If you're looking for the easiest way to distribute your work to the world, contact us and allow us to help you self-publish your work!

Hire an editing professional?

Sometimes, it seems that no matter how carefully you review your own work, someone else is bound to identify mistakes. Catch those mistakes before you go to print by hiring a professional editor to help with everything from standard proofreading to developmental editing of plot and characters.

We are happy to connect you with the unaffiliated professional editors below. Contact the editor directly for rates, timetables, and services.

Note: 48 Hour Books is not responsible for any work, communication, payments, or other interactions with the listed parties. The parties listed are not affiliated directly with 48 Hour Books.


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Sandy June 24, 2021

I love these actionable tips. great article

48 Hr Books June 24, 2021

Thanks, Sandy! We're glad it's helpful!

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