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How to Self-Publish an Adult Coloring Book

August 18, 2021 (Last Updated September 01, 2021)

Marcy G.

Remember the excitement of a fresh box of crayons and a new coloring book? Selecting from the rainbow of sharpened points (Vivid Violet? Apricot? Blue-Green?) and picking your favorite drawing – pure bliss!

There’s a renewed interest in coloring books. In stressful times, it seems, coloring is the perfect anecdote for many people. Adults are rediscovering the simple joy of coloring.

The popularity of this comforting, creative outlet has launched a new publishing genre – adult coloring books.

Adult coloring books

Are you interested in self-publishing an adult coloring book? If you have artistic talents, now is the perfect time to create a coloring book for adults. Many coloring book artists have created unique works of art – realistic images, fantastical designs, interwoven and intricate lines and shapes – the possibilities are endless.

Your adult coloring book can be anything you choose. Simply think about the type of images you love to draw; surely there are people who would enjoy coloring them.

Adult coloring books are popular for:

·      Gifts for those who need more relaxation and joy in their lives

·      Options for adults who want a “doodle pad” for mindless activity, allowing their brain to both focus and recharge

·      Teen stress relievers

·      Relaxation and entertainment when people are waiting – in airports, in doctors’ offices

·      A way to stay creative and break out of life’s often busy activity

·      Therapy for those dealing with anxiety and depression

·      Easy ways to create personalized art for display

·      A way to stimulate the “creative juices” for those who enjoy art and crafts

·      A good way to wind down after a busy day

·      A fun group activity for family nights or friend parties and vacations

There are many reasons to create a coloring book for adults. If you’re thinking about self-publishing an adult coloring book, you probably have questions. You might be wondering how to get a coloring book published. Or you may be asking: how much does it cost to publish a coloring book? At 48 Hour Books, we love to help people print their adult coloring books and realize their self-publishing dreams. We offer tools, support and bookstore-quality printing.

Let’s get inspired!

6 Steps to publishing your adult coloring book

Pick a theme

What do you like to draw? People are drawn to themed coloring books, so if you have a particular type of image you prefer to create, it can be fun to explore different variations on that theme for your adult coloring book.

Plan your art

You want your adult coloring book to offer a challenge but it’s important to ensure images are not too intricate or convoluted to make coloring extraordinarily difficult.

Keep the scale of all your images similar to add the most cohesive effect.

Adult coloring book drawing - interior of coloring book

Prepare electronic files of your art

You may sketch your designs using your computer and an electronic sketching pad, or you may prefer to draw by hand. For printing purposes, you will need electronic files. If you choose to draw by hand, simply scan your drawings so you’ll have an electronic version for print. If you have questions, the customer service team at 48 Hour Books is available to help.

Consider book formatting templates and cover design assistance

48 Hour Books offers free formatting templates for easier layout of your content. We also have custom cover design assistance for your adult coloring book.

Find a quality printer

Your choice of printer for your adult coloring book will be important. For a coloring book, you need:

·      Uncoated paper with a weight that is thick enough to handle coloring

·      A quality print job offering crisp, clean images

·      One-sided printing (if you want people to be able to frame or display their art)

·      Ability to print any size you prefer

A note regarding size: our most popular coloring book size is 8.5” x 11”.  A landscape version (11” x 8.5”) might work better; it depends on your art design. A mini adult coloring book is a completely different option to consider – easy to pop in a bag or purse!

48 Hour Books offers high-quality printing with a fast turnaround time. We can print your adult coloring book in whatever quantity you prefer (with a minimum of 10 books). Learn about our book printing process here.

How to publish a coloring book

The self-publishing industry has opened many doors for authors, and there has been an explosion of great talent using self-publishing avenues to share and sell creative work. Adult coloring books are no exception. You can self-publish your adult coloring book and use a variety of methods to market and sell. At 48 Hour Books, we have offered some self-marketing tips that can also apply to adult coloring books. Thankfully, you don’t need a huge marketing budget to get the word out.

We also sell ISBN and barcodes that are necessary to sell your coloring book. Unlike many publishers, we ensure you are the sole owner of your ISBN. This gives you full control over your book sales.

If you want to design an adult coloring book, 48 Hour Books wants to be your self-publishing partner. We’ll help you create a professional, beautiful book that others will enjoy. Visit us at 48hrbooks.com.


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