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Why You Should Use Book Editing Services

January 18, 2022 (Last Updated April 02, 2024)

Marcy G.

Using Book Editing Services

One of the most important steps in the self-publishing process is editing your book. A lot of writers and self-publishers make the mistake of getting their books printed without having their work professionally edited. This ends up hurting you in the long run, because as much as you want to take pride in your writing abilities, having your book professionally edited can catch mistakes that you may overlook. Even the most talented writers have their work edited. You can still take pride in your content regardless of how many errors it may contain.

In addition to polishing the spelling and grammar in your manuscript, professional editors can offer constructive criticism about word choice, flow, sentence structure, and more. A good edit can help improve your manuscript, boost your credibility as a professional writer, and captivate readers with ease.

Before you choose what book editing service is right for you, we recommend that you conduct an initial proofread of your book yourself. 48 Hour Books can help you kick start this process with our proofreading tips.

There are different levels of editing to choose from when you are ready to have your book edited. If you feel solid about the structure and narrative of your book, you may only want to hire a proofreader to catch any typos or grammar errors you may have overlooked. If you are looking for more detailed notes about character development, plot holes, and writing flow, you may choose to enlist a developmental editor. We are going to break down the different styles of editing so you can feel confident you are choosing the best editing for your book.


Types of Book Editing

·      Proofreading is the most affordable style of editing. A proofreader will polish your manuscript and clear it of mechanical errors, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

·      Copyediting and line editing are often grouped together. Rather than just looking for grammar and spelling mistakes, a copyeditor or line editor may delve deeper into each sentence and give more recommendations for phrasing or structure. Some copyeditors may only provide proofreading services, so make sure you discuss with your editor if line editing is included with the standard copyediting rate.

·      Developmental editing is an editing process that provides a full evaluation of your book. A developmental editor will provide notes on how to improve plot holes, character developments, dialogue issues, writing flow, sentence phrasing, and more. You may choose developmental editing if you are writing a fiction book. A developmental editor will help ensure your story is ready to be published and devoured by readers.


Book Editing Costs

A traditional publisher will provide their authors with a professional editor. When you self-publish, you are responsible for seeking out your own book editing services.

How much does it cost to edit a whole book? The costs for editing will vary depending on the freelancer or service you choose. It’s important to determine some ballpark figures for professional editing before committing to an editor.

According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, here is some common pricing for proofreading, copyediting and developmental editing services:


·      Fiction: $31-$35/hr or $.02-$.029/word (11-15 pages/hr)

·      Nonfiction: $36-$40/hr or $.02-$.029/word (7-10 pages/hr)

·      Business: $41-$45/hr or $.04-$.049/word (7-10- pages/hr)

·      Medical: $41-$45/hr or $.03-$.039/word (4-6 pages/hr)


·      Fiction: $36-$40/hr or $.02-$.029/word (7-10 pages/hr)

·      Nonfiction: $41-$45/hr or $.03-$.039/word (4-6- pages/hr)

·      Business: $46-$50/hr or $.04-$.049/word (4-6- pages/hr)

·      Medical: $51-$60/hr or $.04-$.049/word (4-6 pages/hr)

Developmental Editing:

·      Fiction: $46-$50/hr or $.03-$.039/word (4-6 pages/hr)

·      Nonfiction: $51-$60/hr or $.04-$.049/word (4-6- pages/hr)

·      Business: $51-$60/hr or $.07-$.079/word (4-6- pages/hr)

·      Medical: $61-$70/hr or $.06-$.069/word (1-3 pages/hr)


48 Hour Books – We’re Here to Help

Ready to get started with using book editing services? 48 Hour Books has helped narrow your search with our Editing Resources. Read about professional editors we recommend, what they offers, and contact them directly – it’s easy! We’re confident you will find the editor that is right for you and your book.

Once you’re done editing, the next step in the self-publishing process is making sure your files are ready for printing. This involves formatting your files. If you want to take the grunt work out of formatting your book, consider hiring one of our expert designers to reformat your files for you. Your book will look like one of the bestsellers in no time!

If you have any questions about our editing and reformatting resources, contact us! We love talking to authors and will do anything to help you on your self-publishing journey.

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How Do I Market
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Anthony Rankin March 08, 2023

I need the book editing for a short book approximately 20 pages and also need marketing services if you have a package for that. Thank you

48 Hr Books March 08, 2023

Hello! We do not currently offer marketing services, but we regularly feature books and authors on our social media & blog to help direct potential readers to your purchase link. You can choose to be featured by selecting the "Opt-In" box when you place your order. If you need to reach out to an editor, we have editors listed on our website that we recommend. You would need to contact these editors directly, as they are not affiliated with 48 Hour Books: https://www.48hrbooks.com/self-publishing/resources

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