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How to Use Our Custom Book Printing Service

July 15, 2022 (Last Updated July 20, 2022)

48 Hour Books

Printing your own custom book is the best way to create a book that is uniquely yours. 48 Hour Books provides the fastest custom book printing service on the market, so you can get gorgeous, high-quality custom books delivered to your doorstep in as little as two days. Here’s how it works.

How do I print my own custom book?

At 48 Hour Books, we’ve developed an author-friendly book printing process that helps you get exactly the book you want, with as much or as little help as you need.

      Choose your custom book options

      Upload your files

      We print and ship your book

It’s fast and simple to customize your book with our huge array of professional designs, add-ons and upgrades, too.

How to customize your book

There are a million ways to make your book stand out. From unique cover designs, cover styles, cover treatments and more, you can customize your book to suit your preferences.

Our custom book printing includes a range of trim sizes, binding styles, and page counts, plus special cover treatments like foil stamping, embossing, and more.

Cover Design

The cover of your book is your chance to express everything your book is about! Upload your own design, hire a graphic designer, or take advantage of our Create-a-Cover service or custom book cover design. From photos and images, to typography and color, your cover design speaks volumes about the content inside. We even offer free book cover templates so you can get started right away customizing your cover design.

Trim Size

Select the book size that suits your chosen book genre — we offer standard and custom trim sizes for every type of book. Our standard book trim sizes include:

      4.25” x 7” (novel)

      5.5” x 8.5” (half-letter)

      6” x 9” (trade)

      7” square (children’s books)

      7” x 10” (non-fiction)

      8.5” x 11” (magazine or workbook)

Or go off the beaten path with custom book sizes! Custom sizes are perfect for photo books and cookbooks.

Book Style

What kind of book are you creating? Not only can you customize the book size, but you can specify paper type, too. Create a luxurious, high-end coffee table book with glossy, full-color pages or keep costs low with regular paper and black-and-white inside pages. You can choose the combo that fits your book best.

Cover and Binding Type

When printing your custom book, you have a choice of the following binding options: Hardcover (case bound) or paperback (perfect bound)? Coil Bound or saddle stitch (stapled)? The cover and binding type you choose is completely customizable with 48 Hour Books.

      Perfect Binding (for paperback/softcover books)

      Spiral Binding (perfect for cookbooks and workbooks)

      Case Binding (for hardcover books)

      Saddle Stitched (for pamphlets and chapbooks)

Our hardcover book printing services are available in gorgeous options, such as leather covers, vegan leather covers, and cloth covers, with color choices that run the gamut from rich and stately to bright and fun.

Enhancements and Extras

At 48 Hour Books, we give you the same book customization options you see on books at the bookstore.

Choose foil stamping to give your book a dazzling pop of metallic shine. Or, we offer texture and embossing options with our Diamond 3D options, including Diamond 3D Foil, Diamond 3D Clear, and Diamond 3D Smart Textures. These cover options instantly give your book a sophisticated and professional look and can be combined to create a unique design that makes your book stand out.

Get an Instant Quote

With so many options to choose from, printing a custom book can be surprisingly affordable!  With any order of 10 or more books, you can even order a single book to be printed first, so you can see your book customizations in person before you approve your full run of books. At just $40, this printed proof of your work is a great way to see the final print quality before your full order is printed.

Start your order and get an instant quote today — and you could be holding your custom printed book in your hands in a matter of days!

Print painlessly

Sign up for the 48 Hour Books newsletter to learn how to self-publish your book — and get it printed faster with us than anywhere else.

Print painlessly

Sign up for the 48 Hour Books newsletter to learn how to self-publish your book — and get it printed faster with us than anywhere else.


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