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Printing a Special Edition: What Are the Benefits of an Exclusive Release?

September 28, 2022 (Last Updated November 23, 2022)

Marcy G.

Picture this: You’ve self-published a paperback book, established a following, and your book did well! What’s next? Another book – sure, but there’s also a way to capitalize on your book that has already generated revenue.  


Certain genres, such as romance, sci-fi, and most fiction books, are generally released in a paperback version, initially. These genres have bigger audiences and readers are more likely to follow authors they love closely – tuning into their social media, joining mailing lists, or frequenting their websites.


Printing a special edition book is a great way to generate more revenue for an already successful book, while treating your readers with an exclusive release. People on your email lists, members of your Patreon, or even just your social media followers can get the first heads up.


If you decide to print a special edition, consider releasing it exclusively on your personal website or partner with other authors and for a subscription box. This will help ensure the money you are spending to upgrade the binding and book cover is going to be made up in book sales, since you will be keeping the profits. If you release your special edition book through other retailers, royalties may not be worth the extra costs to create your special edition.


Printing a Special Edition


So, what do special editions usually look like? Special edition books are typically case bound (hardcover) with cover embellishments and maybe even some bonus material!


Now that you know what type of binding to choose, next you will need to decide your book cover options. At 48 Hour Books, we have everything you need to create an eye-catching, unique cover for your special edition.


When it comes to cover design, you may decide to switch it up or keep the same design with some added glamour. There are a few routes to take:


Dust jackets: What pairs well with a hardcover book? A dust jacket. Dust jackets give your hardcover added durability (not to mention, a built-in bookmark). You can add extra information to the dust jacket flaps related to your special edition printing, or existing material from your first edition, such as “About the Author” or your book synopsis. This is also a great opportunity to showcase praise and reviews from your first printing on the back cover of the dust jacket.


You can also add embellishments to add some flair to your dust jacket, like hot foil stamping or Diamond 3D printing.


Foil-stamping: Nothing grabs attention quite like the metallic shimmer of a foil stamped book cover. Foil stamping makes your book look distinguished and professional. Research showed that foil stamped products were perceived to be more valuable and of a higher quality than the same product without foil stamping.


Diamond 3D Printing: If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to foil stamping, check out our Diamond 3D Printing, which comes in three options:

·      Metallic Foil: Foil gives text and design elements a shiny, metallic highlight that turns any cover into one that will really grab your reader’s attention.

·      Clear Coat: Have impressive artwork on your cover? Diamond 3D Clear accentuates the printed colors underneath. Diamond 3D Clear creates a raised coating that is printed on top of your artwork to give it a high-gloss 3-dimensional effect.

·      Smart Textures: Have you ever picked up a paper book that felt like linen or leather? You can create that feeling for your book with Diamond 3D Smart Textures. Your book’s background will look and feel luxurious when you add one of our five standard Diamond 3D Smart Textures, like our popular crosshatch pattern.


If you need help with designing your special edition, give us a call and we’ll connect your with one of our designers to discuss your vision.


Benefits of a Special Edition


Let’s summarize why printing a special edition could be a good move for you as an author:      

·      Creates more revenue for the same book title

·      Acknowledges your dedicated fan base (“collector’s edition”)

·      Capitalizes on initial success while new readers are forming

·      Can use special edition revenue for your next book project

·      Can help you determine if this is a route you should take with more books

·      Creates new content for your platforms and new interest


At 48 Hour Books, we’ve seen some beautiful special edition books come off the presses, and it’s impossible not to be impressed by the high-quality, eye-catching results of a curated special printing. When you’re ready to print your special edition book, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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