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Tips for Affordable Novel Editing

October 24, 2022 (Last Updated October 26, 2022)

Marcy G.

If you’re a self-publishing author and need novel editing services, there are a variety of avenues you can take. From finding paid, professional editors to using novel editing software to editing your own work, self-publishing authors can choose the route that makes the most sense for their goals and budget.

What is a novel?

A novel is typically fiction with a degree of realism, often of considerable length, revolving around a sequence of events.

If you’re writing a novel, once you’ve finished your manuscript, the next step is editing. Even the best-selling authors use editors, and your work will be more polished, and more appealing, if reviewed by an editor.

Where can I find novel editing services?

If you are wondering who can help me edit my book, there are a variety of answers. A professional editor is a tried-and-true option that is typically worth the investment. If the best-selling authors all use professional editors, wouldn’t you prefer the same for your book?

Finding a professional editor can be done by online searches, perhaps checking with sites such as Fiverr or Upwork ™. Both websites can help you find experienced editors at a variety of price points. You also can search for novel editors based on the genre of your novel. Some editors specialize in a specific type of book.

At 48 Hour Books, we offer resources, including editors that we recommend.

How much does it cost for a novel editor?

The cost of hiring a novel editor varies greatly. It depends on the experience level of the editor and the type of editing services they offer. Novel editors can review for spelling, grammar and typos or they can do more intense copy editing or developmental editing. Compare editor rates online to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

What novel editing software is available?

If your budget does not allow you to hire an editor, you can find free novel editing software online. While there are limits to what online editing software can do, they can be a step up from the spell check in your word processing document. Many will look a little deeper, catching things spell check simply misses.

Grammarly has a free option as well as ProWritingAid. Search for free online editing software to find options that work for you. You can copy and paste your document in the online editor (in sections, if you prefer to work as you go), and it will give you editing suggestions in the sidebar. This type of editing is more in-depth than spell check, and it can help you improve your writing with suggestions and corrections.

Most online editing software offers premium versions that give you even more information, for a fee.

How can you find the most affordable novel editing service?

While having friends and family read your novel for editing purposes is not the same as having a professional editor – and we do recommend that you hire one – if your budget is too small, this is an option. Having a fresh set of eyes review your manuscript can be helpful, as you are probably too close to it to see the errors.

When searching for free editing help, you might look into local writer’s groups or contact a local university. You may be able to find another writer who would be willing to review your work or a student who wants to add to their editing experience.

Find the resources you need at 48 Hour Books.

The best affordable novel editing service is the one that suits your individual preferences and budget. At 48 Hour Books, we love helping self-publishing authors. We have a free self-publishing checklist that can be a great place to start.

We have a blog post with details about the top five writing software called Five Free Writing Software Programs.

Check out all our self-publishing resources or contact us for more information.


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