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Book Publishing Services – How 48 Hour Books Can Help

January 25, 2023 (Last Updated January 25, 2023)

48 Hour Books

Self-publishers looking for book publishing services will find many online options. Picking the right online book publishing services partner can make a huge difference in your experience.

You need to determine what level of book publishing services you require. What do you prefer to handle yourself? What does your budget allow?

48 Hour Books offers professional-quality online book printing with a fast turnaround. We don’t trade speed for quality. Your books will look beautiful on the shelf. We also offer a menu of supporting services, many of which are free resources!

5 Reasons to Choose Self-Publishing Book Printing Services from 48 Hour Books  

If you’re shopping for online book publishing services, 48 Hour Books has the technology and expertise to help you succeed. Here are just a few reasons:

1. Bookstore-quality printing

You can print your own book, using our custom book printing services. Printing your book with 48 Hour Books gives you complete control. Your books will be ready in as little as two days – or a few hours with upgraded shipping and production. We use high-quality paper stocks for laser-crisp images and text. Choose from four book binding options: hardcover (case-bound), paperback (softcover), spiral-bound (coil), or saddle-stitch (stapled binding).

Need to reprint? No problem! We never delete your files, so reordering printed books is quick and efficient. We can make edits or simply reprint your original files – it’s up to you.

2. Easy-to-understand production processes

Confused about the production processes from other online printers? We make our production schedules very clear. At 48 Hour Books, we have the process down to a science, so we can ensure your books arrive when you need them. We have all our production schedules online, so you’ll understand the timeline. If you have questions or need a rush job, you can reach out, and we’re here to help.

3. Design and formatting support

Self-publishing doesn’t have to mean going it alone. 48 Hour Books offers resources and services to help you format your book interior as well as design the cover. Our free formatting templates are so simple to use. Just open the template and start typing! We also offer book formatting services, where our in-house graphic designers model the interior of your book after best sellers.

Having an eye-catching cover is essential to generating interest in your book. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an artist as well as an author to have a stunning, custom book cover design. Our in-house designer can produce original book cover art, or you can design your own with the help of our book cover design templates.

4. Free resources

Feel like you need a friend in the business? You have one with 48 Hour Books. And we’ve compiled a host of free self-publishing resources, advice and support. Our website will walk you through all of the steps toward printing your book and provide detailed information on topics covering all aspects of self-publishing.

5. Personalized support

Our team of experts love to help self-publishers realize their dreams of becoming an author. We have real people, who are easy to reach, to answer your questions and help you along the way. You can contact us by web chat, phone or email. Our customer service is legendary, and we think you’ll agree! We respond promptly, with a smile.

Become a Self-Publishing Author

Self-publishing is growing by leaps and bounds. Authors enjoy have more control, more flexibility and the ability to print on demand. If you’re looking for self-publishing book printing services, 48 Hour Books is the place to start. Download our free self-publishing checklist, check out all of the publishing resources or reach out to one of our team members with questions.

Ready to Print?

If you’re ready to print, you can place your order online, upload your files and move one step closer to having your new book in hand. 

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Print painlessly

Sign up for the 48 Hour Books newsletter to learn how to self-publish your book — and get it printed faster with us than anywhere else.


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