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Business Book

Business Book Printing

Tips on Writing & Self Publishing Business Books & Conference Booklets

By writing a business book, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field and raising your stature in your industry.

Many authors have also successfully used their business books as marketing tools. Selling your books at a conference, featuring them on a personal website, or handing them out in place of business cards are all great ways to promote your business. Learn more about self-publishing a business book with our guide below.

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Self-Publishing Process Steps

When writing a business book, it’s important to identify your intended audience. This will help you establish your reasons for writing the book, your intended outcomes, and the path you will take to get there.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is my motivation for this book or business publication?
  • What are my goals?
  • Whom do I want to reach?
  • Why is this information important to share?

When you have determined the reason for writing your business book and the people you’d like to share it with, then you can decide how you will set up your book. Here are some important considerations.

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businesswoman hand writing content on notebook and using laptop

Writing your business book

Tone of voice

There should be a specific tone to your writing style that conveys your personality (when appropriate) and your point of view. Whether your tone is formal or casual, authoritative or entertaining, your reader will get a sense of your perspective as well as your opinion and ideas.

There also may be terms and phrases related to your business that the reader might not understand, so be sure to explain them. It helps to use conversational language when explaining new terms and concepts.

Your readers want advice, expertise, and skills they can take with them. Your tone of voice can be used to position yourself as an expert and earn their trust.

Book structure

Organization is important when setting up your book. You want the content to be easily found using a Table of Contents, and if needed, an Index. This will allow your reader to reference specific parts. They will likely be using your book as a guide, so your information should be structured in a clear, concise manner.

The way you organize it is ultimately up to you; you can organize by chapters, sections, phases, levels, and so on. What you choose will depend on your content.

businesswoman hand writing content on notebook and using laptop
Pile of Books

Printing your business book

It is important to have a clear vision of how you want your book to be set up. You should first determine the size and type of binding.

Pile of Books
Icon Page Size

Finished size

48 Hour Books offers free book templates that you can use to format your book. They'll open in Microsoft Word or just about any other word processing program, and they come in four standard sizes:

4 Template Sizes

You can type your book directly into the template and set it up any way you choose.

When you're done formatting, convert the file to PDF format, and the resulting PDF file will be ready to upload to us when you place your order.

Icon Binding

Type of binding

There are four binding types:

Perfect Binding Perfect binding


Case Binding Case binding


Spiral coil Binding Spiral coil binding

Plastic coil

Saddle Binding Saddle stitched

Stapled booklet

Your choice of binding will depend on your time frame, budget, and desired final product.

Perfect binding is a popular option for most business books. Perfect bound books are great for most orders because they keep costs down, but still look professional and hold up very well over time.

At 48 Hr Books, our standard turnaround for perfect bound books is just 2 business days — the fastest in the industry.

Case bound books are classic binding option for business book printing. These hard cover books convey authority and professionalism and will present a polished image to your readers.

Both coil bound and hard cover books take 5 days to produce.

Coil bound books are a great choice, especially if you have business worksheets or activity pages that you want your readers to write on.

Perfect binding is a popular option for most business books. Perfect bound books are great for most orders because they keep costs down, but still look professional and hold up very well over time.

Balancing Act

Business book covers

The cover is the first thing the reader sees, so you want to make sure it catches their attention and conveys your professionalism.

You may choose to design your cover yourself, or let 48 Hour Books’ professional designers help you.

Balancing Act
Icon Cover Template

Book cover design templates

If you choose to design your own cover, take advantage of our free book templates. We provide Book Cover Design templates formatted for Adobe InDesign, for your use in designing your own cover. Once you’ve created your cover in Adobe InDesign, simply export the file as a PDF with fonts embedded and add it to your order.

Learn more about templates
Icon Specialty

Professional book design services

If you need a little help constructing your cover, try our Create-a-Cover option. For a one-time fee of $100, you can specify a layout and color palette for your cover, and we’ll do the rest.

Using your artwork or photography, our prepress technicians will assemble your cover to your specifications and print a color proof. You review the proof and notify us of any revisions, and then your professional-looking book cover is complete. Even better? Your first round of revisions is free.

We also offer a completely customized book cover design service, for a truly bespoke cover. With this service, our graphic design experts create a completely custom cover from scratch, giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

Learn more about business book design services
Icon Cover Materials

Cover design considerations

Your mission as a business professional and author is to develop a book cover that is not only eye-catching, but also conveys the purpose of your book quickly and easily. Readers may glance at your cover for only an instant, so it’s a good idea to combine color, typography, and images in a way that makes your book stand out.

At 48 Hour Books, all of our covers are printed in full color at no extra charge, so take advantage of this benefit to add vibrant color to your cover selection.

You can select glossy laminate covers, cloth covers, or leather and vegan leather covers, depending on your choice of binding style.

Plus, choose from an assortment of dynamic add-ons that enhance your cover’s appeal, including dust jackets, foil stamping, and Diamond 3D covers. These treatments give your book a professional appearance and are sure to grab a reader’s attention.

Learn more about cover materials

Business Book FAQs

If you want to attract potential clients, don’t underestimate the power of authoring a book. It showcases your knowledge and establishes you as an industry leader or expert in your field.

This reinforcement of your credibility can help you gain recognition and translate into more customers. Authors often are asked to speak at industry or local commerce events. You can garner media attention, which means more visibility for you and your business.

Both book sales and the new business it attracts will increase profits for you.

There’s no single answer to this question. Perhaps you’ve just launched a new business venture. Writing a book can explain your vision, the opportunity you saw and how you plan to fill it.

Perhaps you’re an industry veteran, with years of experience to share.

They say, “Write what you know.” Think about what you know. No one has the same perspective as you. Regardless of your industry or current stage of career, you probably have a unique story to tell and information others would find beneficial.

A business book can:

  • Justify your claims of being an industry leader
  • Establish credibility in your field
  • Increase revenue
  • Attract attention and publicity
  • Help you gain new clients and retain old ones

There are a variety of avenues for self-publishers. A vanity publisher will ask for upfront fees and print only a certain quantity of books, which can be very low quality, depending on the publisher. The publisher does not have an incentive to market your book, as you’ve already paid upfront.

48 Hour Books is not a vanity publisher. We are a high-end printer, and we print bookstore-quality books in the quantity you request. You can order more at any time, and we can print books within 48 hours of your approval (or even same day, if needed).

In addition to quality print jobs, we have many tools to help self-publishers, including a team of knowledgeable customer service staff.

Formatting your book can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. At 48 Hour Books, we offer free templates for both interior pages and covers. You simply open the template and start typing.

We also offer custom designed covers.

Once you’ve written your book, the first step is professional editing or proofreading. Don’t skip this step! It’s crucial to ensure typos or other grammatical errors do not detract from your knowledge.

The second step is obtaining an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). To sell your book, you need an ISBN. This identifier distinguishes your book as unique, for sales and revenue purposes. 48 Hour Books can order your ISBN.

Some companies handle the purchase of ISBNs, but they become the holder of that number, thereby controlling sales to their channel only. You would need another ISBN to sell your book elsewhere. If we handle your ISBN purchase, you are the sole owner of the number and can sell your books through any channel.

Once your book is completely ready to print, all that’s left is to place your order. 48 Hour Books prints books fast, but we also ensure bookstore-quality printing. You can order as few as 10 books or any larger quantity you desire. Reordering is easy, too.

Today, there are many great options for marketing your book, via website, social media, email lists, and more.

Sharing your book with customers and colleagues is a great way to gather testimonials, which people often use as they’re deciding whether to buy.

For business books, it is important to include testimonials on the back cover of your book from colleagues or clients. This will demonstrate your book's effectiveness, enhance your credibility, and prompt more people to buy it because they know that others have found it helpful.

A good idea is to set up a sales page on your company or personal website. From there, you can begin to compile a mailing list. Once you have a list of names, you can send newsletters on a regular basis to communicate information related to your book and your business expertise. This keeps your audience involved and builds momentum for additional books or business.

Use social media to your advantage as well. Social media gives you great reach – with shares and opportunities to boost posts (and thereby reach a much wider audience). Highlight your book on your company and personal social channels by offering tidbits of information, along with a link to where they can purchase the book. Always include a way for them to take action, which, in this case, means buy your book or contact your business.

Consider offering a contest or giveaway to help drum up engagement. You can offer to provide an incentive for people to like, share or comment on the post related to your book. Shares are a great way to reach more people.

Our blog has more marketing advice for self-publishing authors.

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