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June 18, 2018 (Last Updated August 11, 2020)

48 Hr Books

Self-publishing your book for the first time can be overwhelming.  Getting your books printed is not something you do every day, so we try to make our process as easy as possible, with some extra resources to help you along the way.

Here’s a list of some of our resources and how to navigate them on our website!

Free book templates: You can find our templates under the “How Easy” tab.  We have templates that open in most word processors and come in four standard sizes: 4.25 x 7, 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9, and 8.5 x 11.  We require that your files already be set up to the size you want your books to be.  If you already have an existing document and just need the template for sizing, then you can copy and paste your text into the template.  If you’re just starting out and need a guideline for the setup, our templates offer suggestions for formatting like front and back matter pages.  You can delete any pages that are not applicable to your book.  Once your book is ready to go in our template, save a copy of the original.  You may need this if you have to go back and make changes.  You must also save a separate file as a PDF, which is the format we require.  A PDF is a locked document, so you can’t make changes.  This is why you must save a copy of the original as well. If you need help saving the file as a PDF, we have a free PDF converter you can download.  The converter is right next to a PDF of instructions on how to use our templates.  We suggest using this as well! If you scroll down to the end of the page, we have a YouTube tutorial on “Using Our Templates.” https://www.48hrbooks.com/free-book-templates

Cover size calculator: Our cover size calculators are located on the same page as our book templates. If you scroll down a little, you will see separate size calculators for perfect bound (paperback) and hard cover books.  If you click on the icons, a PDF will download where you can enter the size of your book, paper stock, and number of pages to get the measurements for your cover, including the spine width. You will need these calculations to build your cover in your design program.

**Printing a 5.5 x 8.5 book? We have cover templates (located under the cover size calculators) for InDesign.  Simply click on the link with your page range to download the appropriate template!

Cost calculator: If you click on the “How Much” tab, you will be directed to our instant cost calculator. This is the same tool we use to quote you over the phone and via email, and it’s available to you 24/7 if you ever need to get pricing.  The first page gives you a base price for binding and shipping.  If you know you will be using options beyond our standard paper and covers, or will be requesting additional services, you can click “next” to get further pricing.  If you plan to place an order, you can do so directly from the cost calculator if you keep pressing “next.” If you wish to order at a later date, you can close the page. https://www.48hrbooks.com/self-publishing-cost#step/QuickPrice/Binding

FAQ section: Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides a TON of information. You can find this page under the “Support” tab.   We’ve separated questions into different sections to make it easy to navigate.  We cover questions regarding the ordering process, file setup, additional options, shipping, and much more.  We recommend taking a look at this page before starting the process to see if there’s anything you’ve overlooked or need to know more about. https://www.48hrbooks.com/faq

Book Profile: This feature can be selected on your order form.  If you “opt-in” to the book profile option, you simply fill out the information, including a brief summary, a longer description, about the author, and genre. A webpage is created out of the information that you can share via email and on social media. Here is an example of a book profile page once completed: https://www.48hrbooks.com/book/VyOorayZ

Social Media: We often post offers with publisher codes and giveaways for free books you can participate in, on our Facebook page.  We will tease when these giveaways are coming up on our Instagram.  We encourage you to follow us for more content, including books we’ve recently printed, showcasing our different cover and binding options, blog post alerts, writing motivation, and more. If you’re thinking about printing with us, but want to see a close-up of our leather binding, foil stamping, diamond 3D, etc., our social media would be the place to go!


https://www.instagram.com/48hrbooks/ (@48hrbooks)

Customer Service: The most helpful resource of all is our customer service. We always answer our phones and email back within a few minutes. If you leave a voicemail, we call back as soon as we can. We try our best to make sure you speak to the same person every time you call. Our small, attentive staff ensures you get personal attention fast. You will always be able to call or email and receive a response from someone who is familiar with the details of your project.  We understand it’s much easier to work with the same person and establish those relationships.  If you have technical questions about setting up your files, customer service will connect you with one our prepress technicians to answer all of your questions.

Email: info@48hrbooks.com

Phone: 800-231-0521

Here are some additional services you can request on your order that you may find helpful.

Reformatting: You can find information about our reformatting services under the “How Easy” tab. If you request reformatting services on your order, we require that you upload a Word document, rather than a PDF. Your assigned prepress technician will lay out your book for you in the Word document then convert it to a PDF when finished. We keep the reformatted document on file in case changes ever need to be made on your next printing. If you have specific formatting requests, you can note these in the “customer comments” section of your order. You can see different reformatting options here: https://www.48hrbooks.com/reformatting-styles

Create-a-Cover: Setting up your cover is one of the most daunting tasks for people who are new at printing books.  If you’re not familiar with design software or do not have someone to outsource your design work to, our Create-a-Cover service may be a good option for you. You can select this service on your order form and it will prompt different selection for general cover design/ layout and background color. If there are graphics you want to include, you can upload these images along with your files once you submit your order.  Have specific instructions? Note them in the “customer comments” section.

eBooks:  If you are self-publishing and selling your books online, you’ve probably thought about offering an eBook version of your book as well.  You can request this as an additional service on your order.  We will set up your eBook for you then email you a MOBI file (Amazon) and an ePub file (other eBook readers).  You can find information about our eBook services under the “How We’re Different” tab if you click on “Our Exciting New Options.” https://www.48hrbooks.com/options

ISBN & Barcode: If you plan on selling your books in stores or online, you will need an ISBN and barcode.  We make this process seamless for you.  Simply request an ISBN and barcode on your order and will email you the ISBN application to fill out.  Once you send it back, we will order your ISBN number.  When we receive the ISBN, we will generate the barcode and place it on your back cover.  You can find information about ISBN’s and barcodes on the same page as eBooks.




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