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5 Free Writing Software Programs to Help You Write the Next Best Seller

January 25, 2022 (Last Updated February 09, 2022)

48 Hour Books

Whether you are embarking on your very first novel writing experience or have self-published a book a time or two before, there is no denying that it can take an exceptional amount of time, energy, and commitment – which is where things like free book templates and free novel writing software come into play. All in all, gone are the days when writing books was only possible using nothing but imagination and a typewriter. Because in today's modern age, there are tons of free writing software resources out there, along with book design services you can opt for to help simplify that long journey you have ahead of you.


With that being said, what is the best software for writing a book that isn't going to cost you any overhead? To help you out, below is a list of excellent free novel writing software options you can take advantage of; free writing software that is guaranteed to make your self-publishing mission much more relaxed, reliable, and above all, successful.


1.    yWriter [Free]


Developed by renowned writer Simon Haynes, yWriter is an excellent free novel writing software, especially for those involved with fiction content. Within the free writing software itself, it breaks down books into distinguished chapters and scenes, a feature that is fundamental when writing a novel.


The best part? yWriter also comes with the keen ability to coherently create characters and locations that you can extend from based on your narrative objectives and plot. In short, yWriter is great for anyone needing to organize their content in a very straightforward fashion and chunk each section accordingly, all of which helps you ensure that no stone gets unturned within your storyline.


2.    Wordcradle [Free]


Next up is none other than Wordcradle. Though another free novel writing software with internal programs, Wordcradle is a powerhouse asset that can help any author transform their storyline vision into a tangible reality. This is because when you use Wordcradle, you have the ability to use tools that optimize writing scheduling and additional support such as the character cards to construct a nice profile for each one.


Now, what makes Wordcradle so unique is not so much the writing support it offers but how it is presented. The layout of Wordcradle is in an "index card" style and carefully organized so you can see your ideas, track any changes, and make additions in the most visually appealing way possible. So, if you love card indexing to brainstorm, Wordcradle would be the perfect software to consider.


3.    Focus Writer [Free]


If you love writing and have big goals for your future as an author, but have the tendency to get distracted easily, then Focus Writer is for you. Unlike the others on this list, Focus Writer was designed with one core mission – to keep you distracted-free so you can stay on track, hit milestones, and get your book published on or before your proposed deadline.


When using Focus Writer, there are several different options you can select, but each has a hide-away user interface so you can concentrate on what you need to at that moment. That's right; no toolbars and no menus, only a focus mode that gets rid of everything that can take your mind away from you and your words. For some more insight here, Focus Writer is very user-friendly and can be used across various programs, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


4.    Shaxpir [Free with Premium Option]


Shaxpir is hands down one of the more inclusive novel writing software options you can opt for. Though there is a premium option with its own set of top-tier tools to help with writing, the free version is certainly nothing shy of being resource dynamic. In the free and premium version, Shaxpir offers an illustrious manuscript builder tool that allows you to rearrange any parts of your manuscript using UX drag and drop features. This also includes changing the order of certain chapters and scenes so you can optimize the structure according to what your vision entails.


Furthermore, Shaxpir, which is available for both Mac and PC users with an added option for Cloud access, comes with a built-in spellchecker and margin section where you can write your goals, track your progress, and make written and concept art notes. Nonetheless, with Shaxpir being free with an upgrade option, you can be confident that this writing software can offer more full-range support and grow with you as you continue to gain rapport as a self-publishing author.


5.    Manuskript [Free]


Manuskript is a highly endorsed free novel writing software, and for more reasons than just tone. For authors taking advantage of Manuskript, they have complete access to extended features such as outliners, word counts and even a distraction-free mode to keep you focused. Even more, Manuskript also comes with a free virtual novel assistant who can help you develop characters using ‘the snowflake’ method in conjunction with a notes section that can help you keep track of your plot, events, characters, and places throughout your storyline. In a nutshell, Manuskript is a rich tool that can improve anyone’s writing and help first-time authors get started on the right foot on their new career.


Summary – The resources are there; be sure to leverage them


What is the best software for writing a book? The answer is there are several, and as long as you align your self-publishing needs and requirements with what each has to offer, then you are well on your way towards having a much more streamlined (and fun) authoring experience.


How 48 Hour Books Can Help


In addition to the free novel writing software programs outlined above, printing services like us here at 48 Hour Books are accessible for a reason, and that reason is to solidify your success, ranging from book formatting, cover design, to helping you get ready to self-publish.


Overall, having a dedicated team and free book templates on your side is far from cutting corners; it’s simply resources that can accentuate the skill and vision you already have. And if you truly want to see just how impactful your words can be from cover to cover, then have the peace of mind knowing that professional support and writing guidance are a couple of clicks away.

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